Details of OneCoin’s DealShaker crisis meetings this past weekend have surfaced.

Leaders within the company were summoned to Sofia after plans to roll out the New DealShaker platform collapsed.

As they were escorted to the meeting area, OneCoin’s leaders had their mobile phones confiscated by someone going by “Foxee”.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, next was a pat-down search for any unreported phones or recording equipment.

OneCoin’s crisis meeting itself has been described as “chaos”.

Amid lots of shouting, Duncan Arthur was referred to as “the devil”.

OneCoin’s leaders, headed up a “worried” looking Jose Gordo and Habib Zahid, discussed what they believed to be Arthur and his team’s efforts to steal OneLife affiliates.

In an attempt to quell the chaos, Veselina Valkova from the Sofia office got up and did a slideshow presentation.

At the conclusion of the meeting, leaders were told if they had anything to do with Duncan Arthur’s platform their OneCoin accounts would be frozen.

Since parting ways with OneCoin, Arthur looks set to launch the platform he was working on as “Ovid”.

Ovid was supposed to be launched as New DealShaker but owing to OneCoin not having a blockchain, there wasn’t any way to connect it to the platform.

This lead to months of stalling on OneCoin’s end, which ultimately led to NewDealshaker being abandoned altogether.

As far as I know Ovid isn’t being launched as an MLM opportunity, so beyond a cursory glance I haven’t looked into it.

In related OneCoin news, we’re expecting news of Konstantin Ignatov’s preliminary hearing any day now.

As at the time of publication there are no new entries on Ignatov’s case docket, but we are expecting the hearing to take place sometime this week.