Following an investor warning from the Bank of Thailand, it has emerged OneCoin is under criminal investigation in Thailand.

According various local news reports, OneCoin is under investigation by the Economic Crime Suppression Division, the Office of Consumer Protection and the Department of Special Investigation. The agencies are working with the Ministry of Finance.

The Economic Crime Suppression Division and Office of Consumer Protection are part of the Central Investigation Bureau, a division of Thailand’s police.

The Department of Special Investigation are a division of Thailand’s Ministry of Justice.

It operates independently of the Royal Thai Police and is tasked with the investigation of certain “special cases”.

These include complex criminal cases, those affecting national security, those involving organised criminal organisations and those potentially implicating high-ranking government officials or police officers.

The DSI is often referred to as Thailand’s counterpart to the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Top OneCoin investor Juha Parhiala and a close circle of his European countrymen have been operating out of Thailand for some time now.

At the time of publication BusinessForHome estimate Parhiala is stealing almost $5 million dollars a month from OneCoin affiliates.

Parhiala hasn’t been seen or heard from in public in months. His otherwise active Facebook profile was abandoned last November.

Whether Parhiala is still in Thailand or, like OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova, he’s since fled to Dubai is unclear.