Two unnamed fugitives are holding up OneCoin criminal proceedings in Italy.

A June deadline has been set, after which proceedings against the two fugitives will be separated from the main case.

Last August fourteen OneCoin scammers were indicted in Italy’s South Tyrol province.

A May 9th report from Tageszeitung Online confirms the suspects include founder Ruja Ignatova,

 the Steinkeller brothers from Brixen, as well as other people from Prad, Mühlbach, Natz-Schabs, Klausen, Vahrn and Brixen.

Ruja Ignatova has been wanted by US authorities since she was indicted by a New York Grand Jury in 2017. Interpol also just recently added her to Europe’s most wanted list.

Nonetheless Ignatova remains at large.

Covering a recently preliminary hearing in the Italian criminal case, Tageszeitung Online reports;

During the preliminary hearing at the regional court last week, it turned out that the indictment could not be served on two of the accused.

If we accept Ruja Ignatova is one of the fugitives, the question then is who is the other suspect?

Stephan and Christian Steinkeller, two of the three Steinkeller brothers accused, are hiding out in Dubai.

As of early May Stephan appeared to be somewhere that definitely doesn’t look like Italy:

Christian Steinkeller abandoned social media over a year ago. His current status is unknown.

The third Steinkeller brother, Aaron, appears to have returned to Italy at some point.

Another possibility is prominent Italian OneCoin promoter Luca Miatton (right).

Miatton was last seen promoting OneCoin in Italy itself as of mid 2021. His current status though is also unknown.

Ruja Ignatova not being served by June is a given. If the other suspect is also not served, both will be separated from the main Italian criminal case.

If the deliveries do not reach their destination by then, the positions of the two untraceable persons will be separated and the process will continue.

After that happens, a Judge will decide whether to proceed with criminal charges against the located (and currently unnamed) twelve suspects.