Since Nbox broke the news that Ruja Ignatova had allegedly been arrested last Saturday, verified information related to the arrest has been slow to surface.

Thus far we have The Gerlach Report claiming Ignatova was indeed arrested, and is being held at Stadelheim prison in connection to a fraud case in Bielefeld.

Countering this is the law firm Schulenberg & Schenk, who have previously represented OneCoin’s interests in Germany.

Schulenberg & Schenk told the online publication MLM Worldwide they’d confirmed Ignatova wasn’t being held at Stadelheim prison. They’d also purportedly confirmed Ignatova hadn’t been arrested in connection to the Bielefeld fraud case.

Overnight three important documents have surfaced, shedding further light on the story.

The first document is a letter from the Bielefeld Public Prosecutor’s Office dated November 7th.

The letter was sent in response to an enquiry as to whether an arrest warrant for Ruja Ignatova had been issued by the Bielefeld Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Here’s their reply;

As far as the information from your letter you have requested today … whether Dr. Ruja Ignatova was arrested at the instigation of Bielefeld prosecutors, I inform you that an arrest warrant (in Bielefeld) against (Ignatova) does not exist.

The second document an email from the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office, in response as to whether Ignatova was arrested at Munich airport as reported.

On November 7th A Senior Attorney from the Public Prosecutor’s Office replied;

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Much has not carried out a preliminary investigation into Ruja Ignatova.

We can not confirm an alleged arrest at Munich Airport and detention in Stadelheim prison.

The third document is a communication sent to the Bulgarian publication Capital Weekly, courtesy of Nickolay Stoyanov.

Capital Weekly reached out to North Bavaria police, who retain jurisdiction over Munich Airport.

In response to whether Ignatova was arrested at the airport, General Commissioner Jurgen Weigert replied;

Regarding your request I can tell you the following:

After consultation with the airport police, there are no findings regarding an arrest at Munich airport.

In the jurisdiction of the police department of Upper Bavaria North, no investigations are currently being conducted against (Ruja Ignatova).

Although Ruja Ignatova has yet to make a public appearance and remains in hiding, this appears to put to rest the claim she was arrested last Saturday.

Nbox were the initial source of the report, and thus far failed to publish a followup.

Rather than cautiously report on the alleged arrest as we did, The Gerlach Report instead ran with it.

Citing “confirmation from several sources” The Gerlach Report published Ignatova’s arrest and detention as irrefutable fact.

Editor-in-Chief Jan Faber even made an appearance on BehindMLM, claiming;

We stick to our story. Our sources are reliable.

German news outlets will report once more information will be released.

To date I’m not aware of any German news publication that has published an article on Ignatova’s alleged arrest. And as I write this, The Gerlach Report have yet to respond to confirmation Ignatova wasn’t arrested in Munich.

This appears to be strike two for The Gerlach Report, who previously published misleading reports about OneCoin’s Macau event earlier this year.

Had they been the original source for Ignatova’s Munich arrest, I wouldn’t have bothered to report it. Nbox did seem to be a credible enough publication, but I digress.

With OneCoin being one of the biggest MLM Ponzi schemes operating today, investor losses and authorities finally cracking down on those running the scam are inevitable.

OneCoin can only put off affiliate withdrawals for so long, and no matter what scheme they come up with there’s never going to be enough money to cash out OneCoin points at the represented price. Let alone enough for affiliates to recoup their initial investment.

Eventually either time or authorities will catch up with Ignatova and those she’s scammed OneCoin investors out of millions of dollars with.

Unfortunately for now, last Saturday wasn’t that day.