OmegaPro Ponzi promoter Angie Vanessa Pineda Amaya has been fined.

Amaya was one of eight scammers ordered to cease promoting OmegaPro in May 2021.

A year later, an internal investigation by Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC) revealed Amaya had failed to comply.

This prompted the SFC to issue Amaya with a $40 million COP fine ($8564 USD).

How much Amaya stole from Colombians through OmegaPro remains unclear. Her accomplices, named in the SFC’s May 2021 circular (scroll down to May 20th), include:

  1. Sebastián Ortiz Pion
  2. Hugo Fernando Hernández Rodríguez
  3. Daniel Leonardo Velásquez
  4. Katerine Carlozama Castro
  5. Harol Alfonso Alvarado Galván
  6. José Rolando Rodríguez Loaiza and
  7. Esteban Pinto Salazar

After scamming who knows how much from who knows how many Colombians, Amaya appears to have reinvented herself as a musician.

OmegaPro collapsed in November 2022. Investors in the scheme, most of whom appear to be from Colombia, are currently being exit-scammed through Broker Group.

SimilarWeb tracks Colombia as the largest source of traffic to OmegaPro’s and Broker Group’s respective websites (50% and 43%).


Update 15th January 2022 – In addition to Angie Amaya, the SFC fined two other OmegaPro scammers in 2022.