The Comision Nacional del Mercadeo de Valores (CMNV) has issued a securities fraud warning against Omega Pro.

According to the CNMV, Spain’s top financial regulator, Omega Pro

is not authorised to provide investment services detailed in … the Securities Markets Law.

This is the equivalent of a US securities fraud warning.

Omega Pro launched in late 2018 and promises investors a 200% ROI over sixteen months.

BehindMLM reviewed Omega Pro in January 2019 and identified it as a Ponzi scheme.

Traffic to Omega Pro’s website has increased steadily throughout 2020.

At the time of publication Alexa ranks Brazil (26%), Colombia (16%) and Nigeria (9%) as the top three sources of traffic to Omega Pro’s website.

Omega Pro is not registered to off securities in any of those countries and operates illegally.

Authorities in Brazil, Colombia and Nigeria have yet to take action against Omega Pro or local promoters.

The CMNV’s warning was issued in January 2020. We’re a bit late to this one, our thanks to the BehindMLM reader who contacted us for the heads up.