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JM Ocean Avenue Review: Pay to play & affiliate autoship

JM Ocean Avenue came about following a merge between Ocean Avenue and JM International in 2014. Ocean Avenue was launched back in 2012 by Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn. JM International was founded in 2009 by Joe Zhou, but outside of China is relatively unknown. JM Ocean Avenue claimed the merger between the two companies [Continue reading…]

JM Ocean Avenue gutted? Four executives resign.

Despite¬†affiliates advertising HopRocket as a “brand new JM Ocean Avenue opportunity” as early as last month, we thought it odd that there was no official tie in or promotion on the JM Ocean Avenue website. Fred Ninow was listed as the owner of the HopRocket website domain yet, despite his obvious involvement in JM Ocean [Continue reading…]

HopRocket Review: JM Ocean Avenue launch travel opp

Despite an advertised July 15th launch, at the time of publication the HopRocket website only features a marketing video. An affiliate website is live over at “myhoprocket.com”, but fails to disclose who owns the company. It isn’t until one looks up domain registration info that who is behind HopRocket is revealed. Both the HopRocket and [Continue reading…]

Visalus hacking espionage leads to indictment & arrests

Back in 2013 one of the more alarming MLM stories to surface was the case of hacking and corporate espionage between Visalus and Ocean Avenue. As per a lawsuit filed by Ocean Avenue,¬†Visalus hired a private investigator firm to conduct acts of hacking and corporate espionage at their behest. In response to Ocean Avenue entering [Continue reading…]

Ocean Ave vs Visalus: Espionage, hacking & threats

Coercion, entrapment, extortion, blackmail, espionage, hacking, personal threats, racketeering, corruption… not the sort of stuff one would usually associate with the MLM industry but rather it’s what you typically might see in an action packed spy movie. Yet in the battle between Ocean Avenue and Visualus, all of the above have taken front and centre [Continue reading…]

“I’m a professional thief” – How not to market MLM

Undeservedly or not, MLM has a “reputation”. You know what I’m talking about… Pyramid schemes, money shuffling from new recruits to the top, MLM company reps effectively stealing from unsuspecting victims, “locked door” hotel room seminars, annoying flyers, being pitched something you’ve got absolutely no interest in by a desperate sounding person, stories of people [Continue reading…]

Ocean Avenue Review: Health, nutrition & vacations

Ocean Avenue is an MLM company operating in the health and nutrition niche of the industry. The company operates out of Utah in the US but reportedly will also launch with satellite offices in Canada and Indonesia with prelaunch scheduled to kick off in about a week. Heading up Ocean Avenue are co-founders Fred Ninow [Continue reading…]