Nugen Universe’s Nugen Coin Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Investors report that throughout 2022 they were discouraged from cashing out their Nugen Coins.

Withdrawal functionality was disabled in late 2022, with a string of promised deadlines having come and gone.

The latest deadline Nugen Universe missed was January 13th.

Purportedly Nugen Universe investors were to be able to exchange Nugen Coin for a 133% ROI, paid in ethereum, by the 13th.

There have been no corporate updates since Fazil M. Jabar made the last announcement on January 2nd.


1. The Nugen Token is currently valued at $1.00 on the Defi Oracle network.

2. This network is presently offering to pay 133% profit on this price for NUGEN tokens. Tokens will be swapped for Ethereum (ETH) on the new NUGEN Mainnet Blockchain until January 13th, 2023.

3. Members are advised to accept this cash / ETH offering, and should take advantage of this opportunity during the prescribed time period of January 13th.

Affiliate investors demanding answers are being told by Nugen Universe to keep checking for updates.

Nugen Universe’s collapse follows a Nugen Coin securities fraud warning from British Columbia (Canada) last August.

BC’s fraud warning was preceded by Nugen Universe demanding affiliates hide evidence of securities fraud.


Update 7th September 2023 – The Nugen Universe and Nugen Coin websites have now been pulled offline.


Update 26th October 2023 – Nugen Universe’s website is back online. Fazil Jabar appears to be trying to reboot the Ponzi scheme as Britto Capital.