Seemingly in response to BehindMLM’s coverage of Nugen Universe, the Ponzi scheme has demanded affiliates immediately delete incriminating evidence.

BehindMLM reported on Nugen Universe on June 27th. In our article, we blew the lid on Nugen Universe’s plans to license a bank in the US and continue to commit securities fraud.

This appears to have set off alarm bells at Nugen Universe, who responded by updating their affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Any and all advertisements for the company are strictly prohibited without prior written approval of the Company.

This includes, but is not limited to, all public/social media forums and network such as YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Linked-In, Twitter, etc.

Should any harm arise to the company due to the violation of the above terms, the company reserves the right to legal remedy and by checking the box below, the member understands and agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees to pay legal fees for both parties arising from any harm done to the company.

Member also agrees to remove any existing posts, videos, etc. that have not been previously approved.

Any violation of this agreement may cause your account to be locked and member may forfeit some or all of this or her benefits.

Nugen Universe makes an exception for “corporate sponsored webinars and conference calls”, which they state “may freely be shared”.

It is assumed that Nugen Universe’s securities fraud and Ponzi scheme won’t be discussed on these webinars and calls.

From a regulatory standpoint, securities fraud can’t be undone. Hidden securities fraud is still securities fraud.

Nugen Universe co-founders Fazil Mohamed Jabar (right) and John Austin are based out of Florida and North Carolina respectively.

SimilarWeb pegs 90%+ of website traffic to Nugen Universe’s website as originating from the US.

Should US authorities investigate Nugen Coin, hiding securities and wire fraud lends itself to criminal conspiracy charges. That’s on top of civil securities fraud charges.


Update 1st February 2023 – Nugen Coin has collapsed.