Question: As a Ponzi cycler admin, what’s better than collecting the majority of invested funds through pre-loaded positions?

Answer: Not paying anyone and keeping all of the money for yourself.

Noble 8 Revolution’s admins have redefined the gullibility of Ponzi investors. Mark Campese and Blaine Williams have been collecting $25 membership fees since January, and to date haven’t paid out a cent to their affiliates.

Jim Anderson was part of the original Noble 8 Revolution management but abandoned his executive position a few weeks ago.

In a Noble 8 affiliate call a few days ago, Campese disclosed Anderson has retained his Noble 8 Revolution earning position(s).

Anderson’s abrupt departure coincided with a $3 bump in membership fees to $28 – which Noble 8 Revolution claims it needs to cover payment processor fees.

Initially Noble 8 Revolution strung investors along by claiming they were still setting things up.

Anyone clued up on how a Ponzi cycler works knows it’s a simple math backend, that shouldn’t take more than a few days to set up (a few hours if you’re just re-configuring a script + website template).

As the months dragged on, “we’re setting things up” ran thin – even for Noble 8’s more gullible investors.

Lucky for Campese, Williams and Anderson, the General Data Protection Regulation deadline was looming, and so that became the new non-payment excuse.

The GDPR of course has nothing to do with a Ponzi cycler. As for payment processors, the GDPR was adopted back in April, 2016.

Any payment processor worth their salt doing business in the EU would have implemented requirements long before the last week of June.

In any event the GDPR kicked in on May 25th and… well, almost two months later Noble 8 Revolution are still not paying affiliates.

On July 3rd the GDPR excuse was quietly dropped, in favor of a lengthy narrative citing security concerns.

While viruses and malware might seem like a myth drummed up by tech companies, they are a very real threat that have caused billions of dollars in damage.

The Noble 8 Revolution founders, management and group committees declare that we are all now “Independent!”

Yes independent business  leaders who are operating within a safe and secure virtual environment complete with enough tools to achieve “Independence” and “Freedom” both virtually and physically!

In closing, without Noble 8 Revolution’s “custom developed software technology,” these malware and nefarious software problems would have existed from the very beginning of a global launch.

Noble 8 Revolution founders and management are wishing the entire Noble 8 Nation a Happy Independence Day 2018.

Again, I have to point out that cycler scripts are simple math. “Custom developed software technology” is jargon for “a few lines of code that splits new payments among existing positions”.

Can Noble 8 Revolution be hacked? Sure. But so can every other website on the planet.

Claiming the implementation of security to combat cyber attacks is disingenuous.

Putting aside the fact that Noble 8 provided no evidence they were the subject of any attacks, any website on the internet will never be 100% secure.

It’s a mythological goal to work towards – but a convenient excuse to continue not paying your affiliates with.

I mean hell, to really drive home a point:

  • the Noble 8 Revolution website runs on WordPress (free blogging platform that takes 5 seconds to set up and around 5 minutes to configure)
  • the Noble 8 Lead Store is just a template that runs off of “” and
  • the Noble 8 Mentor Network website is just the Waszupp Global Ponzi cycler website script repurposed (see below)

At best an incompetent designer might have taken a week to set those assets up. Anyone with half a brain should have been able to knock them out in a few hours.

As of July 12th, the official reason for Noble 8 Revolution commission non-payment is ongoing “testing”.

And while Noble 8 Revolution commission payments might perpetually remain in “testing”, details of the company’s top payment tier have been released.

Course 5 of Noble 8 Revolution’s “Master Mentor Campus” top out at an eye-watering $250,000 for an “International Life Empowerment Event”.

And that’s on top of the sequential courses leading up to it, of which there are nineteen (the first is the $25 everyone is paying to enter the cycler).

As it stands we’re now five months over Noble 7 Crowdfunding’s non-payment period.

Seeing as Noble 7 Crowdfunding was essentially a precursor to Noble 8 Revolution, how much longer are Campese and Williams going to keep the charade going for?