After the Waszupp Global Ponzi collapsed, Global Directors Blaine Williams and Mark Campese hitched their wagons to the Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

Officially Williams and Campese didn’t run Noble 7 but they were heavily involved in day to day management as Field Chairmen.

Noble 7 Crowdfunding was a short-lived and collapsed within a month.

But not before stiffing a bunch of affiliates who followed Williams and Campese out of $50 a pop.

In an attempt to lure victims over to their Noble 8 Revolution reload scam, Williams, Campese and former Noble 7 Crowdfunding President Jim Anderson dangled the prospect of $50 refunds.

This was supposed to happen through the “resolving of several issues” between Williams, Campese, Anderson and Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

For anyone who’s completed elementary school, the math problem behind Noble 7 Revolution’s refunds should be obvious:

Matrix cycler Ponzi schemes are zero sum equations.

You invest your money and scammers higher up than you in the matrix, such as Williams, Campese and Anderson steal your money.

Without new people signing up and investing after you, you’re screwed.

Despite this reality, Noble 8 Revolution continue to pretend $50 refunds were actually a viable prospect.

After many weeks of working to resolve several issues, there is a Confidential Settlement Agreement in place with Noble 7 Impact Network.

A settlement agreement between scammers you say? Go onnnnnn…

This agreement has not resulted in Noble 8 Revolution receiving any funds associated with the $50 paid to N7IN by its customers.

Of course it hasn’t, because that money has already found its way into the pockets of Williams, Campese and Anderson.

The refunds Noble 8 Revolution touted would effectively require clawbacks from Noble 7 Crowdfunding’s top earners.

For what should be obvious reasons, that’s not on the table.

Instead Noble 8 Revolution affiliates, some of whom lost money in both Waszupp Global and Noble 7 Crowdfunding, are now hit with the reality that unless they buy in, there’s no new money to be paid out.

As we move forward together with the Noble 8 Revolution digital platform, please be prepared to make your initial purchase of $25…

…We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and commitment to continue with Noble 8 Revolution as well as your understanding concerning the issues we have encountered.

As with Waszupp Global and Noble 7 Crowdfunding, those at the top of the company-wide matrix wind up with most of the money.

In Noble 8 Revolution there’s nobody higher than Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson.

Fall for the same cycler Ponzi scam for a third time or accept you’ve been conned and move on?

Seems like an easy decision to me.