Rather than acknowledge a matrix Ponzi cycler is a zero sum game (money in == money out), Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson are trying to distance themselves from previously made refund claims.

In an attempt to get their Noble 8 Revolution cycler Ponzi off the ground, Williams, Campese and Anderson dangled the prospect of $50 refunds to cover Noble 7 Crowdfunding losses.

Noble 7 Crowdfunding was a reload Ponzi cycler launched after the Waszupp Global Ponzi cycler collapsed.

Blaine Williams and Mark Campese were Global Directors in Waszupp Global and Field Chairmen in Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

Jim Anderson was brought on board to launch Noble 8 Crowdfunding.

After luring Noble 8 Revolution investors in on the promise of a $50 refund to cover their Noble 7 Crowdfunding losses, last month Williams, Campese and Blaine came clean and stated there wouldn’t be any refunds.

Instead of stating funds invested in a Ponzi cycler wind up in admins pockets (ie. Williams and Campese had no intention of giving what they’d received back), the official reason given was… well there wasn’t one.

Williams, Campese and Anderson came up with some malarkey about a “confidential settlement agreement” and claimed said agreement had

not resulted in Noble 8 Revolution receiving any funds associated with the $50 paid to N7IN by its customers.

This obviously didn’t sit well with Noble 8 Revolution investors told they’d be receiving their Noble 7 Crowdfunding investment back, promoting a scheduled “Moving Forward” call on March 23rd.

Instead of acknowledging they had a hand in running Noble 7 Crowdfunding, Williams and Campese claim they only agreed to be its “primary marketing/training element” (whatever that means).

After numerous false starts and missed deadlines, it became apparent to Blaine and Mark that N7IN would not be able to produce the professional platform outlined and agreed to above in a timely fashion, nor did they demonstrate the experience or ability to handle the business growth that was anticipated based upon only a few days of accepting $50 payments. (Approximately 4,000 paid users/customers.)

In an effort to protect any new users from experiencing the difficulties encountered by the first 4,000+, the payment/registration process was shut down, pending N7IN’s promise to promptly rectify the existing problems.

Upon realizing the short-lived party was over,

Blaine and Mark made the decision to formally disengage from N7IN.

This separation was fully encouraged and supported by an overwhelming number of the frustrated field leaders.

Despite obviously profiting from the 4000 gullible investors who bought Noble 7 Crowdfunding cycler positions, Williams and Campese maintain they never saw a dime.

Blaine or Mark did not receive ANY of the funds received by N7IN… nor has Noble 8.

Blaine or Mark have never controlled ANY of the funds received by N7IN, nor have they received ANY personal salaries or income from N7IN.

(The same is true for Noble 8 and Jim Anderson was never the President of N7IN.)


Not so hilarious is 4000 investors * $50 = $200,000 in losses.

And things get even more unbelievable when you consider Williams and Campese also claim

it became necessary for a Confidential Settlement Agreement to be entered into in an effort to amicably allow all parties to move forward in their respective individual future endeavors.

If anyone truly believes that after coming off the Waszupp Global collapse, Williams and Campese began immediately promoting another Ponzi cycler without payment, I’ve got a great new cycler Ponzi for you to invest… actually, never mind.

Upon consideration Noble 7 Crowdfunding was a simple Ponzi cycler (you invest, those who invested before you steal your money etc. etc.), more hilarity ensues.

The majority of those N7IN collected funds were anticipated to be escrowed in anticipation of being paid out in commissions, as well as to support various philanthropic causes.

To be clear, there is never any expectation from the scammers who run Ponzi cyclers other than they themselves pocketing the majority of invested funds.

Williams and Campese might not have been running Noble 7 Crowdfunding, but rest assured they’d have been given one or more admin cycler positions.

Having come off Waszupp Global and going on to launch Noble 8 Revolution, Williams and Campese knew exactly what they were promoting and the inevitable losses a cycler Ponzi generates.

One of the owners of N7IN, Eva Simone, has personally stated and confirmed in writing that N7IN does not have the money to pay any additional refunds.

Blaine and Mark made the decision to form Noble 8 Revolution, LLC in an effort to realize the dream and to provide a potential solution to those individuals who have lost money or have been discouraged by other company’s failure to provide the envisioned and promised platform promoted and endorsed by Blaine and Mark.

(cue violins)

Blaine and Mark had no desire to launch their own company prior to these disappointing experiences and are currently self-funding the significant expenditures and time commitment associated with the formation and launching of Noble 8 Revolution, LLC.

Blaine and Mark have continued to spend thousands of dollars, untold resources and hours each week to “stay the course” in an effort to formally launch the Noble 8 Revolution platform, in a timely fashion despite the ongoing challenges associated with a start-up company.

By “self-funding” Williams and Campese actually mean “spending your money”, at least that of investors who followed them from Waszupp Global.

And to be clear: Setting up a Ponzi cycler script takes 5 seconds. The front-end Noble 8 Revolution website is a pre-made WordPress template, so that’s another 5 seconds to set up.

The only considerable effort expended might be in setting up a payment processor, and that’s only because Noble 8 Revolution’s business model is an illegal Ponzi scheme.

Regardless of what you may have heard or have been led to believe, the previously listed statements are accurate representations of the facts.

We have tried for months to help facilitate an equitable settlement with N7IN for all parties, especially the customers.

Thus far, those efforts have not been successful.

Regretfully, some situations, like this one, are simply beyond our control to immediately rectify.

We, along with Jim Anderson, are doing the best we can to move forward and provide a long term solution for those who still have the courage to believe that helping people to achieve personal and financial freedom is something worth fighting for.

Rest assured, we will soon be accepting payments and paying commissions.

So after two collapsed cycler Ponzis, third time’s the charm?

As evidenced by Williams, Campese and Anderson’s weekly “prayer calls”, religious affirmation is a big component of their Ponzi pitch.

Unfortunately this attracts a certain type of victim, who might otherwise object to being repeatedly scammed.

That said, here are some actual facts pertinent to how Noble 8 Revolution will ultimately play out:

  1. Ponzi cyclers like Noble 8 Revolution are zero-sum equations, in that they cannot pay out more than is invested
  2. Ponzi cyclers like Noble 8 Revolution require a constant stream of new investors to be able to continue to pay existing investors
  3. as with Waszupp Global and Noble 7 Crowdfunding, Williams, Campese and Anderson will rake it in through admin positions
  4. recruitment of Noble 8 Revolution investors will inevitably stall, resulting in a collapse
  5. the math behind Ponzi cyclers guarantees that the majority of the investor base will lose money (if you aren’t part of the initial batch of investors or running the scam, this includes you)

Noble 8 Revolution is a third-generation Ponzi cycler scam that started with Waszupp Global.

Running new scams to recover losses in previous scams with the same ringleaders involved isn’t going to magically reverse your losses.

Yet despite these obvious truths, in a recent communication Noble 8 Revolution claimed to have attracted “almost 25,000” investors “in a few short weeks”.

By design Ponzi schemes are launched to rip off as many people as possible.

We’re in it to win it….. hopefully you are too.

Blaine Williams and Mark Campese

And at the end of the day that is all Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson are interested in.