Despite surfacing roughly nine months ago, Noble 8 Revolution has still failed to pay commissions.

The company does however continue to collect monthly fees, with excuse after excuse trotted out for commission delays.

Now it has emerged co-founder Blaine Williams has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

Noble 8 Revolution’s delays have been somewhat of a head-scratcher.

The company’s business model is a matrix Ponzi cycler, which literally would take no more than a few minutes to set up.

Yet despite this, and Blaine’s involvement in numerous similar Ponzi cyclers over the past few years, investment into Noble 8 Revolution cycler positions has been a one-way street.

Not withstanding website traffic to the Noble 8 Revolution website tanking over the past month. Which for a Ponzi cycler draws the inevitable collapse ever nearer.

In a recent GoFundMe set up to Williams’ mounting medical costs, it is revealed

lab tests,  scans and post surgical treatments are already adding up to 10’s of thousands of dollars not counting the bills from the first of two surgeries that ran up a bill of nearly $50,000.

Williams’ (unconfirmed) use of Noble 8 Revolution cycler funds would certainly explain continued payment delays. Which puts affiliate investors in a precarious position.

Arguably, Williams’ use of investor funds to pay for cancer treatment is a better use of the money than rewarding Ponzi scammers.

The only problem is Williams himself is a Ponzi scammer, as evidenced by his participation and promotion of Waszupp Global and Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

So I’m not really sure where I stand on this. The lesser of two evils?

What I do know is that religious affirmation has played a major role in Blaine’s Ponzi promotion efforts.

And that of course has continued with Williams discussing his diagnosis on Facebook;

There will be no taking me down with any cancer!

I walk in the faith of the truth that Jesus has already paid the price for me and I receive the healing blessing of this truth and I am thankful to be able to walk out this opportunity for a testimony to be made — I am healed by the blood of the lamb and will live for many decades to raise my family, love my friends and change the world with the truth, “All things are possible to those who believe”.

Personally I’m not religiously inclined but, if I was, perhaps a higher power has chosen to send Williams a very personal message.

As for the endlessly patient Noble 8 Revolution affiliate-base… yeah, I wouldn’t be expecting those Ponzi ROI payments anytime soon.