my-opi-logoMy OPI stands for “My Online Passive Income” and was launched in early March 2014.

According to the My OPI terms and conditions, is owned by Julie Wilson (Jules) and Bradley Wells.

Wilson has a long history of running Ponzi schemes, having first popped up on the BehindMLM radar with Prosperity Cash Machine. Prosperity Cash Machine was a matrix-based recruitment scheme, charging affiliates $175 to participate. The company launched in late 2013 and went into decline shortly after.

Bradley Wells I’m not too sure about, as I couldn’t find anything specific within the context of MLM.

Regardless, with Prosperity Cash Machine going into decline it appears Wilson is ready with another opportunity to tempt punters with.

Read on for a full review of the My OPI MLM business opportunity.

The My OPI Product Line

My OPI has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once an affiliate has signed up, they are then able to invest in $10 “Ad Pack” positions. Each position comes with a series of advertising credits, which My OPI affiliates can use to advertise on the company website.

The My OPI Compensation Plan

The My OPI compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing in $10 Ad Pack position, on the expectation of a $12 ROI (120%). It is not provided to the general public on the My OPI website.

Note that the My OPI compensation plan has changed three times in a month. The scheme initially launched with a matrix, the matrix was then removed but then as of a few weeks ago has been reintroduced. There have also been two or three additions made to the comp plan, none of which are communicated on the My OPI website.

The matrix positions cost $15 but what they pay out is sketchy.

Finally, apparently affiliates who do not recruit 3 new affiliates are prohibited from withdrawing their entire commission balance. They are only able to withdraw a maximum of 80% at any given time.

Affiliates are restricted from making one withdrawal request a day, subject to the following quotas:

Daily maximum withdrawal for members who have a balance less than $5,000 is $500.

For members with balances over $5,000, the minimum daily withdrawal is $1,000.

Joining My OPI

Affiliate membership to My OPI is free, however affiliates must invest in Ad Packs or matrix positions in order to earn commissions:

Free members can not request a withdrawal from us. They must purchase at least one Ad Pack first.


We receive a lot of emails daily from members asking how they can earn the massive amounts that a lot of our members earn, and the answer is incredibly simple…..

“Purchase more Ad Packs and when you earn profits, put half of it into more Ad Packs and withdraw the other half”.

The more Ad Packs you own, the more profits you receive!

It is as easy as that and our biggest earners know this and have purchased hundreds of Ad Packs, with most of them having 700+ Ad Packs, all purchased through deposits and re-purchases.

The above pretty much outlines the blueprint for your typical Ponzi investment scheme and was circulated to My OPI affiliates earlier this month by the company.

When admin Julie Wilson launched Prosperity Cash Machine she lamented on her previous scheme, CashLines LLC:

I was the owner of CashLines LLC (not to be confused with ‘The Cashline’) similar to Prosperity Cash Machine, but not quite so powerful as it had a lower entry cost. That program was very successful until Zeek Rewards took everyone’s attention away with the lure of passive earnings.

Zeek Rewards was of course the $600+ million dollar Ponzi scheme, shut down by the SEC in 2012.

Prosperity Cash Machine was a matrix-based scheme with no revenue-sharing component. Now it seems Wilson is eager to dip her toes into Ponzis, and so we have My OPI.

Affiliate money flows in via Ad Pack or matrix position purchases, and is then paid out until each position reaches a pre-determined >100% ROI.

Despite this however, My OPI insist that

Member understand that we are not an investment opportunity. We offer a promotional service which provides a non-guaranteed return.

Member understands that we make no guarantees towards any earnings from either our own compensation plan or from any businesses that we promote.

No guarantees? Sure (makes it easier for Ponzi admins to shrug off responsibility), but affiliates are definitely making deposits in My OPI on the promise (implied or otherwise) of >100% returns.

Where does the money paid out come from? That’s revealed in My OPI’s “no refunds” refund policy:

NO Refund Policy

– We have a strict NO REFUND policy. This is due to any revenue received shared with other members immediately upon payment.

– Any disputed transactions against will result in the Members immediate suspension of account and loss of current and future earnings from

Affiliate money is revenue, and they just take it and use it to pay out existing investors. Ask any questions and say bye-bye to your account.

Oh and as the Ponzi ROI liabilities pile up, don’t expect to actually withdraw anything unless you’ve invested a significant amount of money into the scheme:

At the discretion of withdrawals will generally only be made to the members account where the larger purchases were made from.

Prosperity Cash Machine crashed within a few months of launch and looking at Alexa, it looks like My OPI is going the same way.

But don’t worry, Wilson has you covered:

By signing up for the program, Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from

No doubt when shit hits the fan she’ll be spamming out her next get rich quick scheme to those who got in early this time around.