When a Ponzi scheme finds itself unable to meet its ROI obligations, a less popular option going forward is to just simply wipe the slate clean.

A minority of early investors keep what they stole, everybody else loses money.

In an attempt to generate new investment into the scheme, MMM Nigeria has wiped the 2016 ROI balance of its affiliates.

As per a backoffice message sent to MMM Nigeria affiliates a few days ago;

MMM Nigeria lifts all the limits for Mavro, acquired in 2017. So, MMM Nigeria is coming back to normal. And now the members can actively develop the Community and create new requests to provide help.

For these requests orders will soon arrive, and after Mavro’s confirmation it will be possible to withdraw these Mavro without any restrictions or limits!

Only Mavros acquired in 2016 remain under restriction.

MMM Nigeria does dangle the “we’re working towards 2016 ROI payouts”, however realistically this is impossible seeing as 2017 investment only creates more unsustainable ROI liability.

Despite this, Chuddy Ugorji and the gang are hoping affiliates will cut their losses and reinvest.

Let everyone know that MMM Nigeria is working. Every Nigerian should be aware that MMM is functioning well. It is very important!

Now everything depends on you, on your activity as members and guiders. MMM offers the people a platform for help exchange.

Of concern is the subtle shift of blame from a flawed business model and the scammers running it, to affiliates.

No matter how many new victims are recruited into MMM Nigeria, sooner or later it’s going to collapse. Such are the laws of mathematics.

In light of MMM Nigeria’s latest announcement, The News Nigeria reports that the

confidence of members has become so shaken that they have refused to provide help, a gesture that used to drive the MMM machine.

I imagine it won’t be long now before they’re wiping the ROI slate clean from month to month.

Together we lose money!