Coverage of ongoing clawback litigation against Mirror Trading International Ponzi scammers has seen Maxtra Technologies threaten legal action.

As per an April 30th cease and desist sent to Offshore Alert, Maxtra Technologies is demanding coverage of Sabina Romanowska be taken down.

It has come to our attention that your organization,, has published or intends to publish information pertaining to a legal matter involving Mirror Trading International (PTY) Ltd. and Sabina Romanowska.

Specifically, this concerns a complaint filed at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida titled “Mirror Trading International (PTY) Ltd. v. Sabina Romanowska: Complaint (‘$454K Preferential Transfers’)”.

We hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from publishing any further information related to this matter on your platform.

The information in question is sensitive and legally contentious, and its publication could potentially harm the reputations and legal proceedings of the involved parties.

Failure to comply with this demand will result in legal action being taken against for defamation, dissemination of false information, and interference with legal proceedings. We reserve all rights to pursue legal remedies to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Sabina Romanowska is one of hundreds of Mirror Trading International net-winners sued by South African liquidators in the US.

Romanowska stands accused of stealing $454,000 through the Ponzi scheme.

Maxtra Technologies, who sent their legal demand to Offshore Alert through a Mirror Trading International Proton email address, is an Indian software firm.

Named Directors of Maxtra Technologies are Shivendra Dwivedi, Kripa Sagar Tripathi and Tushar Shrivastava.

A 2020 data leak revealed Johannes Steynberg, MTI’s recently deceased CEO, created MTI’s backoffice using a script purchased from Maxtra Technologies.

At the time Mirror Trading International’s logo featured on Maxtra Technologies’ website. It has since been removed.

Amusingly, Maxtra Technologies claimed in their email to OffshoreLeaks that MTI

is not engaged in any fraudulent or illegal activities, and the allegations against it are baseless.

Any insinuation of wrongdoing on the part of Mirror Trading International (PTY) Ltd. is false and defamatory.

In addition to South African liquidation proceedings, the FSCA confirmed Mirror Trading International was an “illegal operation” in 2020.

The CFTC sued MTI and Steynberg (right) in 2022. The federal regulator alleged MTI was a $1.7 billion Ponzi scheme.

A $3.4 billion default judgment was secured against Steynberg in 2023. A $1.7 billion default judgment against Mirror Trading International followed later in the year.

Why Maxtra Technologies are pretending Mirror Trading International wasn’t a Ponzi scheme is unclear. Also unclear is ties, if any, between Maxtra Technologies and Sabina Romanowska.