Mining City has dropped its mining revenue facade. The company is now paying fixed returns on a schedule.

Mining City’s fixed returns are being marketed as “payment plans”.

As revealed by Mining City CEO Gregory Rogowski in a recent marketing video;

[3:46] These BTCV payment plan contracts are a new way paying out rewards to individual users.

Here, the pre-scheduled rewards are paid out every day.

The biggest advantage of the BTCV payment plan (is) your rewards are certain. You always know what you’re going to get.

Evidently coming up with excuses for low variable ROI payments was too much…

…and so Mining City has converted from a variable ROI Ponzi scheme to a fixed returns Ponzi scheme.

For reasons unknown (marketing?), Mining City is pitching its transition to fixed returns as an “exclusive limited time offer”.

If it hasn’t happened already, presumably at some point new investment will only be possible in fixed return plans.

In the last point of the slide above you can see ELCASH being flogged as an incentive.

ELCASH, aka Electric Cash, was a Ponzi shit token Mining City introduced last December.

The original intention was to launch shitcoins to prop up BTCV’s trading value. After ELCASH failed to have any impact though, these plans appear to have been put on hold.

Cue Mining City dumping ELCASH on affiliates as a marketing incentive.

Curiously, Rogowski doesn’t disclose the fixed return rates for the BCTV fixed return plans.

In any event, like the introduction of Electric Cash, fixed returns is just prolonging the inevitable.

Traffic to Mining City’s website is on the decline. BTCV’s public trading value has been stagnant for months.

Propping BCTV up when there’s no significant new investment being made costs money, further draining what Mining City can pay out.

Contributing to Mining City’s decline are regulatory warnings from the Philippines and Canada.

Mining City failed to address engaging in securities fraud with either regulator. The matter has been swept under the carpet, with Mining City continuing to illegally solicit investment the world over.

Based on Alexa traffic analysis, Mining City’s largest sources of new investment are Papua New Guinea and Japan.