Days after expecting investors to roll over backoffice amounts into a new 4.2% a day plan, Metafi Yielders has introduced withdrawal restrictions.

The compounding is up to 28% and is only available for the 4.2% package.

Complaints about the changes have been banned under threat of termination.

As announced by Conspirator CEO Michel Daher in cell phone video published earlier today;

There’s a lot of negativity. So we’ve tried a lot of things, especially me. I’ve gone and tried to explain each process … and it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

So it’s creating a little bit of animosity in the group. People are now starting to be negative and spread hate within the group.

If we find that we are gonna block you, bank you. You will have to contact me for a refund because we don’t want that type of people in our groups.

And you will be blocked and removed from anything to do with Metafi Yielders. From here, right until the end of our journey in ten years, twenty years, thirty years time.

If you can’t be nice, please leave the group. Please take your money and go somewhere else, where you can be treated like shit.

Personally I’ve yet to see an explanation as to how Metafi Yielders isn’t committing securities fraud.

Presently the largest source of investor revenue flowing into Metafi Yielders is believed to be from US residents.

Neither Metafi Yielders, Michel Daher or whoever is actually running the company are registered with the SEC.

Instead Daher offers up this bizarro notion of “transitional licensing”, which isn’t a thing. You’re either registered to off securities in the jurisdictions you solicit investment in, or you aren’t.

Metafi Yielders isn’t, because it’s a Ponzi scheme.

Daher does mention “we just started this yesterday”. Which is odd, seeing as he’s banging on about licensing for a few weeks.

Mentioned jurisdictions are Canada, the UK and Australia.

Australia and UK are meaningless, owing to ASIC and the FCA being largely non-active when it comes to regulating MLM related securities fraud.

Canada could be interesting due to each province having its own financial regulator. In line with the UK and Australia though, I suspect what we’ll eventually see pop up is a meaningless FINTRAC license.

The pattern here is these are all meaningless registrations used many times in the past by Ponzi scammers. It’s smoke and mirrors.

If you’re soliciting investment from US residents nothing is a substitute for registering with the SEC and filing legally required audited financial reports.

And this needs to be done prior to soliciting investment, as securities compliance can’t be backdated.

Other changes dropped on Metafi Yielders investors include:

Affiliates who opt to cash out before reaching the 30/42 day contract maturity period, will now be slugged with a 25% withdrawal fee.

Minimum withdrawal amount has been increased to $40. Daher states this is for “protection, safety and reserves”.

Anybody who has missing withdrawals or have made errors because they failed to read the instructions on the page

All these changes and issues have prompted a flood of support requests. To that end Daher also announced tickets would now be answered in 24 to 48 hours.

You guys are putting too much pressure on the support team. They’re getting a little bit overrun.

We keep adding more people and more people, and that has now started to put pressure on the company’s earnings.

Daher closes out by addressing the new 4.2% a day plan and planned introduction of more ways to keep more funds locked in the system.

Everybody’s asking about the 4.2% package. Why we’ve done that at this stage is yes, we are trying to increase our revenue.

We’re trying to increase our holding, because we are about to launch new features into the system that would require us to have high liquidity, higher amounts of holdings.

Despite very much being a cash grab, Daher insists it isn’t.

So it’s not a cash grab, it’s not a way to hold yo-, we would love you to stay with us at Metafi Yielders, but it’s your choice if you’d like to take your money and pull it out. By all means do that.

Here’s 4.2% a day in your backoffice guys, but hiring support staff is bankrupting the company so no.



Update 17th May 2022 – Metafi Yielders is collapsing. The Ponzi scheme has announced withdrawal restrictions.


Update 24th May 2022 – Metafi Yielders has collapsed.


Update 12th June 2022 – Metafi Yielders has deleted all videos on its YouTube channel.

I had provided a link to Daher’s cellphone video in this article. Due to the video being deleted though I’ve had to disable it.