There is no information on the Matrix Cycler website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Matrix Cycler website domain (“”) was registered on the 9th of April 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.


Matrix Cycler appears to be hosted on a private server, along with the income opportunity “Diamond Wealth Club”.

Diamond Wealth Club launched in February 2013 with an “Andrew Williams” (also referred to as “Andrew Williams Alderson”) signing off on company emails sent to affiliates. In the emails, Alderson claims to be based out of London in the UK.

Diamond Wealth Club charged affiliates $15 to participate in a matrix-based recruitment scheme and appears to have stalled shortly after launch.

Read on for a full review of the Matrix Cycler MLM business opportunity.

The Matrix Cycler Product Line

Matrix Cycler has no retailable products or services with affiliates only able to buy positions in the compensation plan upon joining.

The Matrix Cycler Compensation Plan

Upon joining Matrix Cycler, affiliates then must purchase a position in the compensation plan for $30.

According to Cash Cycler, this $30 is then split, ‘$20 for the matrix $10 for the cycler‘.

Recruitment Commissions

When a recruited affiliate purchases a $30 compensation plan position, the recruiting affiliate is paid $2.

Matrix Commissions

Matrix Cycler uses three matrix tiers to pay affiliates. A matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix with positions under them which are filled via recruitment of new affiliates (who purchase positions in the compensation plan).

There are three matrices in total, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once a matrix is full, an affiliate receives a commission and cycles out of the matrix.

  • Bronze Matrix (2×1, 2 positions to fill) – $3 commission plus entry into a Silver Matrix
  • Silver Matrix (2×2, 6 positions to fill) – $25 commission plus entry into a Gold Matrix and re-entry into a new Silver Matrix
  • Gold Matrix (3×2, 12 positions to fill) – $320 commission plus re-entry into a new Gold Matrix

Referral Matrix Commissions

When an affiliate’s personally recruited affiliates cycle out a matrix, Matrix Cycler pays the recruiting affiliate a referral commission:

  • Bronze Matrix – $2
  • Silver Matrix – $5
  • Gold Matrix – $30

Cycler Commissions

A cycler is pretty much a straight line queue of purchased compensation plan positions.

The position at the top continues to accumulate value until it reaches a pre-set amount. Once it reaches this amount the affiliate who owns the position is paid a commission, moved to the bottom of the next queue  and every position in the queue moves up a space, wherein the process starts afresh.

Matrix Cycler have ten queues that operate, with commissions paid out ranging between $10 to $5000.

Joining Matrix Cycler

Affiliate membership to Matrix Cycler is free, however affiliates must purchase a $30 compensation plan position in order to earn commissions.


Everyone should focus on sponsoring in two other members to make it all work.

Each member should focus on sponsoring others and building your own team under you.

-Matrix Cycler website

The problem with recruitment driven pyramid schemes is that they don’t work for those who join and can’t find anyone to recruit.

Both the matrix and cycler components of the Matrix Cycler compensation plan rely on recruitment, with nothing being sold at a retail level.

Matrix Cycler do try to pass off their purchaseable compensation plan positions as advertising,

Both the cycler spots and matrix units are actual purchases of advertising within our system. This makes MatrixCycler 100% legal.

however the attached income opportunity cannot be bypassed meaning it’s in actuality what is being bought and sold here. Ultimately whatever is bundled with a pyramid scheme is irrelevant, be it advertising credits, ebooks or anything else.

Matrix Cycler’s matrices will stall when new recruits stop joining and so too will the cyclers. The cyclers are quite misleading with thousands of dollars in payouts dangled infront of affiliates.

Maths wise as only $10 from each $30 spent by affiliates is spread out over 10 cycler queues ($1 per queue per position sold?), it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that cycling out even one position is going to take forever.

Alderson’s Diamond Wealth Club stalled within a few short months and charged affiliates half the cost of Matrix Cycler to participate.

Matrix Cycler lasting half as long as Diamond Wealth Club sounds about right to me.