One of the biggest touted features of SmartLine 360’s compensation plan is the Million Dollar Match.

The Million Dollar Match was one of the first components of the Smartline 360 compensation plan that was released by the company. You’ve probably seen it mentioned multiple times in the promotional material put out by Smartline. CEO and founder Mark McCool refers to it as ‘unheard of and unprecedented in the industry‘.

Put simply, the Million Dollar Match is $500,000 for you and $500,000 for anyone you sponsor who reaches the top level of the Smartline 360 compensation plan. All up this is a million dollar payout.

Now a million dollars isn’t chump change and Smartline aren’t just giving this away to anyone. So the obvious followup question then is just how hard is the Million Dollar Match to obtain?

Qualification for the Million Dollar Match is based around people you directly enrol achieving success and rising up the Smartline 360 compensation plan. As your direct enrollments rise in rank they get bonus payouts and you being their sponsor get a matched payout amount.

The payouts are locked into a timeframe and for full qualification people you enrol need to rise up the compensation plan within a pre-specified amount of time.

Million Dollar Match bonuses are still paid out if qualification outside of the timeframe occurs but note it’s only 50% of any given full amount.

The timeframe set out by Smartline 360 for members to obtain the full Million Dollar Match is 72 months, or 6 years. This indicates that qualifying for it is no easy task. But just how difficult is it?

Qualification for the Million Dollar Match covers all levels of the Smartline 360 compensation plan after Executive. The bonus match at the Executive level is $200 (split 50/50).

There are twenty one levels of qualification for the Million Dollar Match so I won’t go into all of them. Instead I’ll focus on the final level qualifications in each major category of the Smartline compensation plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond).

Bronze 4 Star

To qualify as a Bronze 4 Star you need to have achieved 10,000 monthly minimum BV through your lesser sales team. Your direct sales teams are split into sides, right and left. Your lesser sales team makes up 1/3rd of your BV so all up you’re looking at a minimum of 30,000 BV per month to qualify.

You also need to have personally sponsored 6 active members, four of which need to have qualified at the Executive level.

To qualify for the Million Dollar Match at this level your personally sponsored members need to achieve Bronze 4 Star within 8 months of joining Smartline 360.

The total accumulated payout at the Bronze 4 Star level is $2700.

Silver 4 Star

At the Silver 4 Star level your personally sponsored member needs to have their lesser side generating 30,000 monthly BV (90,000 minimum total BV), have personally sponsored 8 active members and have had 4 of them rise to the level of Bronze or higher.

The maximum timeframe for achieving the Silver 4 Star level is 16 months.

The total accumulated Million Dollar Match payout at the Silver 4 Star level is $11,700.

Gold 4 Star

The Gold 4 Star level requires 70,000 monthly BV on your lesser side (210,000 BV minimum monthly total) and 8 active personally sponsored members, 4 of which must be Silver level or higher.

The maximum timeframe for achieving Gold 4 Star is 24 months (2 years).

The total total accumulated Million Dollar Match payout at the Gold 4 Star level is $32,700.

Platinum 4 Star

The Platinum 4 Star level requires 250,000 monthly BV on your lesser side (750,000 minimum total monthly BV) and 8 active personally sponsored members, 4 of which must be Gold level or higher.

The maximum timeframe for achieving Platinum 4 Star is 40 months (3.3 years).

The total accumulated Million Dollar Match payout at the Platinum 4 Star level is $102,700.

Crown Diamond

Being the top level of the Smartline 360 compensation plan, the Crown Diamond level requires a staggering 2,000,000 monthly BV points on your lesser side (that’s 6,000,000 minimum monthly BV points total).

Your personally sponsored member also needs to have 8 active personally sponsored members below them, 4 of which must have qualified as Platinum level or higher.

The timeframe to qualify for Crown Diamond is 72 months (6 years).

The total accumulated Million Dollar Match payout at the Crown Diamond level is $1,000,000.


Looking at the various qualification requirements it’s easy to see how obtaining the various payouts of the Million Dollar Match required heavily on the overall success of your business. No one person is able to obtain payout for the Million Dollar Match all on their own.

Being a team focused business the reliance on your team and your team’s teams being successful is probably a good thing as it encourages mutual success. But let’s be realistic here.

The income levels of network marketers is statistically reported as being quite low. Typically there are a few percent of members of a company at the top of the income food chain supported by a large memberbase below them.

Often the large majority of this memberbase fail to support the costs of running their own businesses, let alone make any profit.

Due to the nature of relying on a large number of people to be successful in SmartLine 360 to obtain the various payout levels of the Million Dollar Match, I believe the vast majority of Smartline members will never get there.

Instead I think the Million Dollar Match has been put together solely to benefit those long-time network marketers who bring with them extremely large pre-existing downlines.

It’s interesting to note that there’s a clause in the Smartline 360 compensation plan called ‘the 60% cap’. The 60% cap claue states;

If LiveSmart 360’s total payout of weekly commissions
and bonuses exceeds 60% of the total company Business Volume for any given pay period, the company reserves the right to adjust the bonuses paid to a maximum 60% payout.

This will be applied to the Matching Bonuses first, when necessary.

If enough previously successful members have signed up and brought their downlines with them from other companies, I imagine their going to quickly dwarf LiveSmart 360’s total company Business Volume. This is because new members trying to build teams from scratch will be off to a much slower start sales wise.

The end result will be unbalanced company Business Volume generation and the inevitable use of the 60% cap clause whilst the retail sales stabilises between pre-existing downlines and new start ups.

With no minimum timeframe to achieve the Crown Diamond level I suspect it won’t be too long before we hear about some members who’ve brought with them very long direct downlines from other opportunities hitting Crown Diamond Status, and subsequently the Million Dollar Match maximum payout.

For everyone else Smartline 360 seem to be throwing the name ‘Million Dollar Match Around’ like it’s candy and by doing so indirectly insinuating that anyone can achieve it.

Whilst this is literally true Smartline 360 are counting on you to not do the math and instead be wowed by the million dollars dangled like a carrot.

Don’t get me wrong, if Smartline 360 are around long enough I’m sure someone, somewhere will build a team large en0ugh from scratch to reach Crown Diamond. It can happen but out of the 100,000+ pre-launch members that registered interest I’d predict we’re looking at one, maybe two members achieving maximum payout at some point.

Having business goals is definitely a positive thing but unrealistic ones are not going to do you any favours in the long term. Crunch the Million Dollar Match qualification numbers yourself and see what you’re up against.

Like I said at the beginning of this article Smartline 360 aren’t just going to be giving a million dollars away to anyone. They’ve done their math and know the statistical probability of you reaching the highest levels of the compensation plan and have enough personally sponsored members follow you is minutely small.

For the vast majority of Smartline 360 members, beyond the first few token payout levels of the match, I’d say the Million Dollar Match isn’t even worth worrying about.