In just 17 days a new MLM company is set to launch, LiveSmart 360. Up until recently details about this new company have been scarce. Whilst a little bit of information has been released, unless you’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement there’s not that much to go on.

Today I thought I’d take a look at some of the information that has so far been released about the LiveSmart 360 MLM business opportunity.

For now LiveSmart 360 is launching off the website domain ‘LockYourSpot’. This appears to be a prelaunch website and assumedly the company will move to a hosted domain after it launches on May 15th, 2010.

If you’re not referred by an existing associate, you’ll notice the ‘hosted by Smartline 360’ message on the top left of the website. Interestingly enough was just recently registered on February 28th (2 days after was registered) by some guy called Mark McCool (yes that appears to be his actual name).

Mark McCool runs the Cyberwize MLM company which appears to sell products containing something called ‘adaptogens‘ (…uh adaptawhatnows?). Seemingly with nothing to do with Smartline 360, one can only presume Mark McCool seized the domain upon seeing that the company itself hadn’t registered it after they launched the ‘Lock Your Spot’ website.

On the Lock Your Spot website LiveSmart 360 claims that the company has

the best field and executive leadership team this industry has ever seen. By merging the most successful approaches to multiple industries and developing a unified strategy to put your dreams and passion in the driver’s seat.

I’m kind of wondering just how competent the leadership team is if they can’t even get their own domain registered properly.

The Product Line

The products LiveSmart 360 seem to be offering are going to revolve around weight loss.

Want to get in the best shape of your life and feel better than ever? Want to do it with no prescription drugs, no dangerous stimulants, and no zero-carb diets?

We have the best product, based on proven, time-tested ingredients and today’s most innovative science. Add our brand-new, patent-pending technology, and we’ve got the most innovative weight-loss product on the market today.

Weight loss is a notoriously saturated market and there’s all sorts of wild crazy claims out there from companies trying to push their products. To differentiate themselves in the weight loss industry, LiveSmart 360 claim their product is

infused with a patented delivery system that you cannot get anywhere else. A special little secret potion to ramp up everything we make. More on that later.

Of course until further details are released this could just mean a ‘new’ type of patented bottle to drink the ‘potion’ out of. I can’t help but wonder if the weight loss product Smartline 360 is offering was that revolutionary why they wouldn’t just go retail with it and make a bucketload.

Surely ‘the most innovative weight-loss product on the market today‘ wouldn’t be that hard to market yourself globally. Why bother sharing the profit with a whole bunch of other people?

Curiously Smartline 360 also state that ‘you don’t have to sell anything to make big money‘.

I’m not too sure what their implying but it appears that there’s going to be someway to generate revenue without selling products at all. No idea how that’ll work.

Business Incentives

Currently information about two incentives for Smartline 360 has been released.

Luxury Vacations

The first cruise announced is the ‘360 Launch Cruise’ which is, as the name implies, a company launch promotion. To qualify all you need to do is ‘earn points based on enrollment and retail sales success‘.

Currently there are reportedly over 10,000 prelaunch signups as signing up to the LiveSmart 360 prelaunch doesn’t cost anything and is obligation free. If you haven’t signed up by now however you’ve probably got buckleys of winning anything.

The second lot of vacations are annual prizes for LiveSmart 360’s top performers. A minimum of three will be offered year round and presumably given to those who bring in the most revenue for the company.

Luxury Cars

In addition to the luxury holidays LiveSmart 360 are also going to offer cars to their top performers.

There appears to be two levels of car ownership available to company distributors. The first is a partnership ‘with a luxury car maker‘ and offers a $2000 down payment on a lease and then up to $2000 a month towards a lease.

I’m going to be generous and put the price tag of a luxury car at $50,000. With a $2000 month repayment you’re still looking at 25 months (just over two years) to pay the car off entirely from company funds, which is where the attraction is.

No idea what happens if you decide to leave the company midlease but I’m assuming LiveSmart 360 aren’t going to wind up with a half paid for luxury car debt…

For their absolute top earners LiveSmart 360 seem to be offering a luxury car. Touting names like Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari, this offer is undoubtedly only going to be for those at the top of the revenue stream.

Compensation Plan

Details on LiveSmart 360’s compensation plan are sketchy at this stage but the company are promising a minimum check of $100 a month once you reach a certain level on the compensation plan.

$100 a month should be enough to live on and run a business with right?

LiveSmart 360 are also touting a ‘Million Dollar Match’ which is awarded to people who ‘complete‘ the compensation plan. I’m not sure what completing a compensation plan is but I assume it’s reaching the absolute top level.

Once this is achieved you get a $500,000 bonus and $500,000 is also paid out to your direct upline.

Without any concrete details of the LiveSmart 360 compensation plan though the Million Dollar Match doesn’t really mean anything. With a million dollars on the line it’s a safe bet it’s not going to be an easy task to ‘complete’ the compensation plan.

Whatever the fine details of the compensation plan are, LiveSmart 360 are claiming that ‘this system will bring the direct sales industry to its knees.’ Clearly they’re not going easy on the hype and are setting themselves up for some pretty high expectations.

At this stage anything less then god descending himself and endorsing LiveSmart 360 is going to be a disappointment.


Like I said at the beginning of this article information about LiveSmart 360 has been tightly controlled. LiveSmart 360 claim to be based in Sarasota, Florida with additional offices in Jamaica, Singapore and Malaysia. In the future they claim they will also launch in Australia, the Philippines and ‘around the world‘. ‘Around the world’ is a bit vague but for now LiveSmart 360 seem to be avoiding Europe altogether.

Not all that much is known about the LiveSmart 360 business opportunity other then what the company itself has put out.

For now it seems that you’re going to be joining a business opportunity that revolves around weight loss products with a compensation plan that will ‘revolutionize the network marketing industry‘.

Until LiveSmart 360 launches on May 15th I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.