Back in late March a Kripto Future Ponzi reboot was announced.

About a month and a half later, here’s how it’s going…

To be honest I’m still not sure whether Kripto Future V2 is run by the same scammers. Kripto Future V2 is still running on a WordPress template, and presents as a poor man’s clone.

The stretched background images from the original Kripto Future presentation don’t lend any credibility. Ditto the sole point of contact, a WhatsApp link.

Despite marketing itself as a new and improved version of Kripto Future…

…Kripto Future V2 is more of the same.

Invest crypto on the promise of 1% to 3% a day, something something Ponzi, lose money.

Reload scammers appear to be all over Kripto Future’s collapse.

This bunch of opportunists are funnelling Kripto Future victims into PLC Ultima:

PLC Ultima is part of the PlatinWorld Ponzi scheme, itself a reboot of Alex Reinhardt’s PlatinCoin Ponzi scheme.

Kripto Future’s official FaceBook page has been deleted. The official Instagram account was abandoned in September 2021. Kripto Future collapsed a month later in October.

At time of publication Kripto Future’s original website throws up a security error. As of March 2022, the website threw up a “404 not found” error.

Jeffer Ribera, believed to be an actor working for Russian scammers, was hired to play Kripto Future’s CEO from Dubai.

He hasn’t been seen since the collapse.

Given reload scammers are active and Kripto Future V2 itself looks like a cheap clone, having anything further to do with the company seems incredibly risky.

Be especially wary of anyone promising you fund recovery. Once you invest in an MLM Ponzi scheme your money is gone. There is no recovery unless authorities step in.

Given Dubai is the MLM scam capital of the world, as far as Kripto Future goes that’s not going to happen.