A joint notice filed on July 20th reveals JRJR33 and Youngevity have reached a settlement.

As per the joint notice;

On July 19, 2021, the Parties reached a settlement in principle to settle all outstanding claims between them.

Terms of what appears will be a confidential settlement are still being negotiated. That said, the notice states;

The terms of the settlement are that all Parties will dismiss all claims in this lawsuit, bear their own fees and costs, and enter into a general release.

Both parties will bear their own legal costs. The notice requests all deadlines be suspended for 30 days pending finalization of the settlement terms.

JRJR33, through their company Spice Jazz, sued Youngevity for fraud back in 2019.

The lawsuit stemmed from Youngevity’s launch of its Saveur spice range.


Update 3rd October 2021 – The Spice Jazz v. Youngevity settlement agreement has been finalized and approved.


Update 2nd February 2022 – Details of the JRJR33 v. Youngevity lawsuit have been disclosed by the JRJR33 bankruptcy Trustee.

As per the Trustee’s Interim Report;

The Youngevity lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed and both sides walked away after it became clear there was no insurance coverage triggered by the claims asserted on behalf of Youngevity and any judgement would be difficult to collect.

The Trustee’s latest Interim Report was filed on January 31st, 2022.