When we last checked in on serial Ponzi scammer Jhony Depresseux a few years ago, things weren’t going so well.

A reader advises Depresseux is still scamming victims, but these days he’s mostly doing it “in secret”.

Before we get into that, a quick recap if you’re not familiar with Depressseux’s scamming.

Depresseux (right), a Belgian national, is behind the GTI-Net Ponzi scheme.

Following a regulatory fraud warning from Belgium in 2017, Depresseux took the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) to court.

Despresseux got steamrolled and GTI-Net went on to collapse in February 2019.

Shortly after Depresseux fled to Dubai and, from the MLM crime capital of the world, announced a Global Technology Innovation reboot in April 2019.

Global Technology Innovation saw Depresseux get into cryptocurrency fraud. The first Global Technology Innovation Ponzi was the old “crypto mining” ruse.

That didn’t last long, and between 2020 and 2021  Depresseux went on to launch a number of shit token Ponzis. None of them lasted too long.

Although it went into steep decline towards the end of 2020, Global Technology Innovation didn’t officially collapse until April 2021.

Depresseux immediately announced a “reset” (reboot) but, as far as we know, that didn’t go anywhere.

Today Depresseux continues to defraud consumers with Global Technology & Innovation.

Global Technology & Innovation operates from the domain “gti.ae”, registered by “Sven Lefeber” of “Artemis Marketing Management LLC” on an unknown date.

Up until September 2023 Depresseux was running Global Tree, a Global Technology & Innovation spinoff Ponzi scheme.

Global Tree Investors were pitched on 2% a week for 100 weeks.

Naturally Global Tree collapsed well before the 100 week maturity period.

Inside Global Tree you also had Global Cars.


Enter the world of endless opportunities of Global Cars with our GCT Token.

Global Cars’ website is still up at “globalcars.com”, but as I understand it the scam has collasped.

After Global Tree and Global Car collapsed, Depresseux told

victims to re-invest the same amount, in order to receive back the whole in 100 new weeks.

That was 15 months ago, with our reader claiming to have not yet received a cent back.

They will have kept my money during 4.5 years without giving a profit. It is hard to believe they will ever give it back.

Another Global Technology and Innovation Ponzi spinoff is EasyCash999.

EasyCash999 operates from the domain “easycash999.com”, privately registered on September 7th, 2022.

It’s another cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, marking the umpteenth launch in this niche for Depresseux.

Easycash999 is a revolutionary and decentralized stable coin platform.

Leveraging the strong network of Tron Blockchain, with Easycash999, you can send, receive and store your crypto assets for free!

Behind the generic marketing pitch above, EasyCash999 investors are pitched on 2% a week.

Despite EasyCash999 having no verifiable source of external revenue, its website claims to offer “unlimited” and “risk-free” earnings.

EasyCash999 returns are paid in EasyTokens, which will naturally be non-withdrawable when EasyCash999 inevitably collapses.

As of January 2023, EasyCash’s website traffic was too low for SimilarWeb to bother tracking.

Depresseux’s current Ponzi scheme sees him incorporate AI into the same old tired Ponzi model.

Profit Link sees Depresseux and sidekick Alex Javed (?), pitch investors on “money generators”.

Supposedly Profit Link generates revenue via a Blue NRG crypto mining box…

…but of course we’ve seen this scam before from Depresseux.

Profit Link runs from the domain “profitlink.vip”, privately registered on June 20th, 2023.

There is no mention of Depresseux on Profit Link’s website. As of January 2024, SimilarWeb tracked just ~1700 monthly ProfitLink website visits. 100% of the traffic came from France.

It’s hard to imagine who’s still falling for Jhony Depresseux Ponzi schemes in 2024, but apparently they’re all French.


Update 27th February 2024 – Two more “secret” Jhony Depresseux Ponzi schemes are Fortuna Notes and REPS.

As above, Fortuna Notes is similar to Global Trees and EasyCash999. REPS also pitches investors on weekly passive returns.