We last checked in on the GTI-Net Ponzi scheme back in April 2019.

At the time the Ponzi scheme had just rebooted as Global Technologies & Innovation.

The reboot came after GTI-Net lost an appeal against Belgium’s FSMA financial regulator.

Global Technology & Innovation’s original model was crypto mining. In other words the former forex Ponzi had jumped on the crypto Ponzi bandwagon.

On or around April 2020 Global Technology & Innovation launched its own Ponzi tokens; GTPlus and GTFTA.

The name GTFTA stands for GT Fortuna. GTFTA is a token that reflects the development of Global Tech.

GTFTA allows investors to directly participate in Global Tech’s success and to receive dividends in GTPLUS tokens.

This is a standard-play by MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, as it allows scams to further restrict how much actual money is paid out.

Internal tokens cost next to nothing to set up and create out of thin air. Withdrawals are paid through an internal exchange;

GTPLUS and GTFTA loyalty coins are exchangeable with other digital assets within the Global Tech platform.

This works until it doesn’t, i.e. when recruitment of new investors falls apart.

Courtesy of Alexa, here’s a current snapshot of Global Technology & Innovation’s website traffic:

It should thus come as no surprise that the Ponzi scheme is planning a third reboot.

Framing the reboot as a “reset”, John Jadadiel Breukels briefly mentioned it in a February 25th webinar:

[56:30] Back in 2018 it was my first start with Global Technology & Innovation.

For those who are familiar with Global Technology & Innovation on the 1st of March the reset will come and there will be a lot of positive changes.

Between the first and the fifth of March we will go into this reset of the Global Technologies & Innovation, according to the GTPlus and GTFortuna tokens.

Breukels is knee-deep in MLM crypto fraud. In addition to Global Technology & Innovation, Breukels currently shilling the Corsair Group and Finiko Ponzi schemes.

Apparently there’s a Global Technology & Innovation backoffice video providing more details of the reboot reset, however I was unable to track this down.

For their part Global Technology & Innovation have not issued any public statements on their website or official social media channels.

Global Technology & Innovation founder Jhony Depresseux (right), has also been suspiciously quiet on social media since the mid 2020 collapse.

The last effort to resuscitate Global Technology & Innovation was some gold share malarkey in October 2020.

Fair Trade of Gold (FTG) is a new and exciting opportunity at Global Tech in mutual collaboration with A&J Global.

That flopped so now we have a “reset”.

Fat lot of good a reset is going to do for desperate Global Technology & Innovation bagholders looking to offload worthless Ponzi tokens.

If you’re approached to join Global Technology & Innovation this late into the scam, know you’re being sucked into a third Ponzi reboot.

Nobody except Jhony Depresseux and friends made money in the first two GTI-Net iterations. You’re just handing over more money to them.


Update 3rd May 2021 – Sometime over the past week Global Tech & Innovation has deleted the “gold share” video from their YouTube channel.

As such I’ve removed the previously featured link to the video from the article.


Update 1st November 2021 – At the time of this update John Jadadiel Breukels’ cited February webinar has been deleted from YouTube.

As a result I’m disabled the previously accessible webinar link.


Update 16th February 2024 – BehindMLM has revisited Global Tech & Innovation. Through a seeminly never-ending parade of Ponzi schemes, Jhony Depresseux continues to defraud consumers from Dubai.