US national Jeremy Reynolds has emerged at the center of LGreen’s recovery scam.

Following LGreen’s collapse last week, the Ponzi scheme is now plying investors up for a recovery scam.

At the center of this scam within a scam is the promise of access to withdrawals again, for a fee.

LGreen’s recovery scam ruse is they’re upset about investors withdrawing money. Can’t have too many withdrawals in a Ponzi scheme.

LGreen is framing investor withdrawals as “manipulation”, which it is pretending to address.

This is from an official company announcement on Saturday, January 20th;

We are now understanding the significance of the issue and developing corrective actions to prevent further manipulation of our model. But due to the significant numbers of those involved, it will require more time to resolve.

The good news is that we are able to identify the offenders and implement solutions.

One of those solutions is a 50% fresh funds / 50% buy balance option for upgrades and renewals to stop those who are using only internal funds.

And there it is, charging investors to access what they’ve already lost.

If enough gullible LGreen investors fall for the recovery scam, the Ponzi scheme will reboot till those funds are quickly exhausted again.

It is our goal to resume withdrawals soon. When we do so, withdrawals will likely be restricted by a certain % for a period of time until we can restore our model back to full health.

This brings us to Jeremy Reynolds who, as a prominent North American LGreen insider promoter, sent out the following communication;

Hey all,

I arrived back last night from Panama.

Just a quick note here, LGreen is run by Anderson Salgado.

Salgado is a Brazilian national and was running LGreen from Brazil.

In an effort to evade authorities, as per Reynolds’ communication Salgado appears to have fled to Panama.

This morning we received the complete list in a spreadsheet today from Anderson of all with more than 8 positions,  more than 15, and more that 25+ and yes, even more than 100+ positions in the tree based on several parameters there are using to identify them.

Good news and bad news… good news: we’ve identified most everyone whether they stepped forward or not, bad news: there are way more on the list than stepped forward, WAY more than we imagined.


I have flagged each of your accounts usernames that were sent as part of the group raising their hand to be first to arrange a “work out plan” so we can get back to our new normal.

Now I need one more thing…

Primary email used:

Please help Anderson help you.  If you haven’t listed all your teams in this boat, now is the time.   If you have, thank you, and your team will thank you when Anderson prioritizes these groups ahead of the literally hundreds we have uncovered.

Some will be worked out and likely with a positive outcome.  Others will be found out and I honestly don’t know when/if he will restore withdrawals for this large group.  He simple said we’ll get to their situation when we can to get it addressed.

Prioritization starts tomorrow.

Please submit yours today by end of the evening so I can include it on the return spreadsheet we are sending tonight back for our planning discussion tomorrow.

I would like to invite all who do submit, to join us for a special zoom next week with the latest info from Anderson and share more of their next steps they are considering.

I’m cautiously optimistic that LGreen will solve this equation in front of them  with all of our help.

Sounds like Reynolds worked out a deal with Salgado, prioritizing stealing whatever new funds are squeezed out of LGreen’s recovery scam.

Or at least that’s the marketing pitch. Clearly Reynolds has taken up the responsibility for coaxing his victims to lose even more money to LGreen.

As for sending in information, that’s of course all pointless. You’re re-sending data to LGreen who already has the requested data.

LGreen started off as Lance Certo Group in Brazil circa early 2020. When the original Ponzi collapsed it was rebooted as Lance Green to target western investors.

Lance Green became LGreen when AI was added to the Ponzi marketing model.

Prior to Lance Certo and its reboots, Salgado fronted the SpeedCash Ponzi scheme.

Jeremy Reynolds started off with nutritional supplements, before transitioning into MLM crypto fraud in 2021.

Digital Profits was a collaborative MLM scam, eventually resulting in hundreds of thousands in losses.

Reynolds sold off his nutritional supplements interests and went full MLM crypto scammer later that same year.

Since then Reynolds has popped up promoting various MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, the latest of which is LGreen.

At time of publication LGreen’s website remains inaccessible.