The LGreen Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Problems began roughly five weeks ago with withdrawals delays. These culminated in LGreen’s website being pulled offline over the weekend.

In a website update to investors last week, LGreen announced it was “suspend(ing) financial transactions”.

Since the event in Panama (exactly 5 weeks), we have had several challenges.

During this period you hear a very large volume of Balance being removed, packages being activated incorrectly, accounts being generated with perfect binaries and a lot of amounts being withdrawn in BTC.

Therefore, we decided to suspend financial transactions, identify and punish such users until the problem is mitigated.

We will keep everyone informed.

At time of publication LGreen’s website remains inaccessible.

LGreen started off as Lance Cerato Group in 2020. The Ponzi scheme was run out of Brazil by serial scammer Anderson Salgado.

Lance Cerato Group was built around the failed LCE shitcoin. It collapsed in late 2021, prompting several reboots.

The reboot that stuck was Lance Green. Lance Green launched in late 2022. It was rebooted again with the name shorted to LGreen in early 2023.

Following LGreen’s collapse, the status and whereabouts of Salgado is unclear.

As of December 2023, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of traffic to LGreen’s website as the UK (26%), Ireland (14%), the US (14%), France (8%) and Israel (8%).

Total LGreen investors numbers and how much they’ve collectively lost remains unknown.


Update 21st January 2024 – LGreen is pitching investors on a recovery scam. Top promoter Jeremy Reynolds, a US national, is at the center of the scam.