Intelligence Prime Capital affiliates are reporting accounts being blocked.

Others claim their invested funds and withdrawal balances have been wiped.

Reports of Intelligence Prime Capital blocking and wiping accounts surfaced yesterday. I was able to independently verify this claim with other Intelligence Prime Capital investors.

Intelligence Prime Capital blocking accounts results in investors receiving the message “blocked account” when they log in.

Investors who’ve had their accounts wiped can log in, only to find all balances reset to zero.

In both instances, no further information is provided.

Intelligence Prime Capital investors are also reporting official support channels have been disabled.

While there no doubt are or will be official excuses provided, this is symptomatic of a Ponzi scheme whose withdrawals have exceeded new investment.

Functionality may return at some point, but that’s temporary till new investment is exceeded again.

Note that top Intelligence Prime Capital earners and promoters are unlikely to be experiencing issues.

This is a marketing ploy to keep the scam going while they cash out what’s left.