Following ongoing withdrawal issues over the past few months, Intelligence Prime Capital has initiated its exit-scam.

Intelligence Prime Capital investors in the US, Malaysia and Singapore, have been advised their accounts will be shut down.

After botching rollout of their exit-scam over the weekend, Intelligence Prime Capital investors in selected countries are now being shown this:

The previously botched exit-scam attempt, launched over the weekend, had a March 20th withdrawal deadline.

As per the message, Intelligence Prime Capital states its exit-scam is due to “regional restriction” and “local regulation”.

To be clear, Intelligence Prime Capital is a Ponzi scheme committing securities fraud. Securities fraud is illegal the world over.

To date Intelligence Prime Capital has received regulatory warnings from Canada (Ontario and British Columbia) and Russia.

Intelligence Prime Capital blocking accounts in the US is of particular significance, as US investors have made up the majority of invested funds since launch.

The block appears to be an attempt to cancel ROI liabilities from Intelligence Prime Capital’s largest source of investors.

Recruitment in Nigeria has recently overtaken the US. This has possibly led to Intelligence Prime Capital feeling they can cut off the US.

Malaysia and Singapore are believed to be an attempt to shield Intelligence Prime Capital’s scammers from local authorities.

We don’t have any actual names but Intelligence Prime Capital is believed to be run by residents of south-east Asia operating out of Singapore.

Evidently there’s ties to Malaysia too.

The March 27th withdrawal deadline is comical, seeing as larger Intelligence Prime Capital withdrawals have been blocked on and off for weeks.

Aware of this and in full damage control, “Nate” (below) from Intelligence Prime Capital fronted a US “leaders” webinar earlier today.

The webinar was hosted by US-based serial Ponzi promoter Mike Lucas (right).

In response to “the elephant in the room”, Jayden addressed Intelligence Prime Capital’s ongoing withdrawal issues.

[1:29] Within 72 hours everyone will get their withdrawals.

With respect to Intelligence Prime Capital’s exit-scam;

[2:26] I’ve received some messages … that IPCapital will be restricting users from the US.

So actually I don’t think every one of you received this notice. The management haven’t given me any notice about this restriction yet.

[2:50] A few weeks ago Mr. Eddie joined our meeting and he told everyone we won’t be restricting the US users. Which is true.

So I think it’s just a system glitch or ah, some problem.

Tomorrow I’ll be having a meeting with the management team and then after I’ve get a confirmation from them, and then I’ll let every one of you know.

If there’s any updates I’ll make note of them below.

BehindMLM began tracking Intelligence Prime Capital withdrawal problems in late February.

Mid February is when preparations for Intelligence Prime Capital’s inevitable exit-scam began.


Update 23rd March 2022 – I can confirm Intelligence Prime Capital has banned US investors. Large withdrawals appear to still be unpaid.