infinity-money-line-logoThe problem with recruitment based opportunities are that they eventually die off when the recruitment stops. When this happens the admins of such opportunities have two options:

  • they can move on with the little money they’ve earnt and realise that most recruitment scams launched aren’t worth the time it took to launch them or
  • try their luck again and again by launching more recruitment scams

Guess which kind of admin Paul Rice is?

The Company

There is no information on the Infinity Money Line website about who runs or owns the company, however the domain ‘’ is registered to a Paul Rice operating out of Devon in the UK.

Rice’s last company launch was Wealth Cash Maker in early April, and being a recruitment scam less than a month later that opportunity appears to have run its course.

So here we are again with yet another company launch that is most likely using the same inventory stock but with a slightly different (yet still recruitment based) compensation plan.

The Infinity Money Line Product Line

Seeing as you’re not really purchasing products and they have nothing to do with the compensation plan or how you make money in Infinity Money Line, the company doesn’t specify exactly what its products are.

The mention of ‘high quality download internet products’ indicates that we’re talking the usual outdated marketing e-books and Private Label Rights articles nobody needs or cares about.

The Infinity Money Line Compensation Plan

With Infinity Money Line Paul Rice has ditched the matrix compensation plan and is trying the 1-up system with cash gifting.

In a nutshell, you convince people to make a “purchase” of $25, $50, $100, $275 and $550. Using the 1-up system the first sale is passed up to your upline and then any new members you recruit who make a purchase have their first purchase (at any purchase level) passed up to you.

Ditto any members your referrals recruit.

There is an option to bypass passing up your first external sale, but that involves you yourself making the purchase so you still technically pass up your first commission.

Joining Infinity Money Line

Membership to Infinity Money Line is $25 plus a $2.75 admin fee.


By passing up 100% of the purchase price essentially the value of Infinity Money Line’s products are reduced to nothing and the entire system can be reduced to a cash gifting money game.

New members come in, hand over money and 100% of this money is then shuffled around to existing members of the company.

When people stop joining (or making “purchases”) the whole system collapses. It is true that you can make 5 1-up commissions of the recruitment of one new member, but from their perspective there’s no incentive to buy in at the higher levels outside of the income opportunity.

I imagine what will happen is you’ll have members of Infinity Money Line trying to earn their buyins for the higher levels off of 1-up commissions at the $25 level.

If there was any true value to the opportunity or long-term sustainability you’d be seeing people buying in themselves out of their own money. But let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

Like Paul Rice’s previous companies (this is his sixth company launch in just four months), I imagine Infinity Money Line will be dead within a month.