wealthcashmaker-logoThere is no information on the Wealth Cash Maker website about who owns or runs the company. The only information of note is that the site is running on a ‘YourFreeWorld’ script.

The domain ‘wealthcashmaker.com’ was registered on the 31st July 2010 and lists a ‘Paul Rice’ as the owner, operating out of Devon in the UK.

Here’s how Rice describes himself on his SWOM profile:

Experienced Online Marketer, l own a few websites make a living on line full time webmaster been online since 2000, business building yearly.

Enjoy my work, on twitter user biz2day about 22,000 followers, have good size list now mainly business op seekers.

I own a few sites which is great and keeps me busy. I live in UK Devon lovley part of Great Briton, l enjoy walks and family. The successfull sites below l own and run on a full time base.

Paul Rice has been busy recently and appears to have launched several dubious looking opportunities over the past few months.

  • Dollerbot (dollerbot.com, launched March 2012) – single line 200% ROI recruitment scam
  • Surf U Cash (surfucash.com, launched Feb 2012) – Pay to surf program offering 135% ROI in 45 days
  • Rizon Clix (rizonclix.com, launched February 2012) – Pay to click advertising company offering ROIs of 126% to 182%
  • EZflow Cash (ezflowcash.com, launched February 2012) – single line recruitment scam

As you can see, all of these opportunities have been launched in the past few motnhs and all of them look dodgy. Wealth Cash Maker appears to be yet another company in the latest in a line of opportunities launched by Rice.

The Wealth Cash Maker Product Line

Wealth Cash Maker does not sell any product or service at a retail level. Instead members must market membership to the company.

Included with membership to the company are advertising credits and digital downloads. The advertising credits can be used to advertise on an in-house advertising network on the Wealth Cash Maker website.

The digital downloads are only described by Wealth Cash Maker as ‘useful downloads’ with no further information provided. This usually indicates that whatever is offered to members is the usual rehashed and outdated marketing e-books nobody reads.

The Wealth Cash Maker Compensation Plan

Wealth Cash Maker offer matrix commissions and recruitment commissions to their members.

Recruitment Commissions

Recruitment commissions are paid out at a flat rate of $5 a month on any members you personally recruit into the company.

Matrix Commissions

Wealth Cash Maker use a 3×4 matrix. With you at the top, three legs branch out under you (your level 1) and in turn three legs branch out from those four (your level 2) and so on and so forth down four levels.

The first few levels of a 3×4 matrix look something like this:

A 3×4 matrix has 120 member positions to fill and for each member you have in your matrix, Wealth Cash Maker will pay you a commission each month.

  • Level 1 – 3 positions @ $3 each ($9)
  • Level 2 – 9 positions @ $2 each ($18)
  • Level 3 – 27 positions @ $2 each ($54)
  • Level 4 – 81 positions @ $3 each ($243)

Members can either be recruited by yourself, or by your upline or downline (spillover).

Joining Wealth Cash Maker

Membership to Wealth Cash Maker is $17.50 a month.


Wealth Cash Maker claim that the commissions they pay out to members is

derived solely from the sale of Products to end users.

There is no compensation for recruiting, we compensate for selling our products.

Yet on the same page, when explaining how their members earn commissions, Wealth Cash Maker suggest members

just introduce your few friends to us and earn money when they join our team. You will also receive the money if they will work for us by introducing more people to us.

Given that it’s impossible to actually purchase anything from Wealth Cash Maker other than membership and that 100% of the commissions paid out are tied to membership, it’s clear that Wealth Cash Maker is a recruitment driven pyramid scheme.

If people stop joining the company then no commissions are paid out.

Like the rest of Paul Rice’s recently launched schemes, Wealth Cash Maker is little more than a recruitment scam.