Infinity 2 Global appears to have launched in early 2013 and are based out of the US state of Kentucky.

Heading up Infinity 2 Global (I2G) is President and CEO, Rick Maike.

Rick has been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for the past 25 years.

He has been a successful distributor and has owned and operated two Network Marketing companies that have generated over $100 Million in sales. Both of those companies are still in business today.

As President/CEO of I2G, Rick brings a tremendous amount of both Domestic and International experience in the network marketing and general business arena.

As a former top earner in the field, he has a great perspective on what is needed to be successful and from the corporate side he has a proven track record that is second to none.


The two companies mentioned in Maike’s I2G company bio are Healing America (1997-2010) and Velocity International Marketing (2007-2011), both in which Maike (right) served as CEO and President.

Despite the claim that Healing America is “still in business today”, unless I’m missing something obvious the company appears to be defunct (the domain “” does not resolve).

As for Velocity International, they also no longer exist. As per Maike’s LinkedIn profile,

we were able to build a very successful company primarily in Asia and merged it into a top 100 MLM company.

That “top 100 MLM company” was bHIP Global, which Maike served as Asia-Pacific President from 2011 up until April 2013.

bHIP Global operate in the health, wellness and personal care) and was launched in 2007. Founded and owned by Terry Lacore, bHIP has had its fair share of controversy since launch.

Presumably upon leaving bHIP Global earlier this year, that’s when Maike set about launching Infinity 2 Global.

Before we get on with the review I think it’s worth noting that in the I2G website domain registration, a “Mary Ann Alford” is listed as the domain owner. Despite my best efforts I was unable to find any further information on Alford and what her connection to or specific role is within I2G.

Read on for a full review of the Infinity 2 Global MLM business opportunity.

The Infinity 2 Global Product Line

Infinity 2 Global state on their website that their product is some sort of “communication platform” tool.

I2G Touch is an evolutionary communication platform that empowers people, brands and businesses to engage with their friends, fans and customers in a fresh and innovative way.

Until now, Internet content has been predominantly passive – requiring users to actively search for messaging.

I2G Touch breaks through barriers and enables everyone to be assertive in their communication and to deliver rich, memorable, high-impact experiences directly to the people that are important to them.

It’s your Social and Business Networking solution. It allows you to have Real Time access to the most important Social and Business sites and attributes On Web, On Desktop and On Mobile from one super-easy-to-use place.

I2G Touch is flexible, robust, and fun! It brings all your favorite online programs into one convenient location direct to your desktop or mobile device. I2G Touch makes your life easy, whether you are connecting with friends and family or business associates around the world.

From the sounds of it I2G Touch is some sort of social network data aggregator app.  Infinity 2 Global charge $19.95 a year for access to I2G Touch.

The Infinity 2 Global Compensation Plan

The I2G compensation plan pays affiliates on the recruitment of new affiliates, offers residual commission via a binary compensation structure, a revenue-sharing scheme and global bonus pools.

Commission Qualification

In order to qualify for commissions in I2G, all affiliates must purchase an annual I2G Touch subscription ($19.95) and one of the company’s affiliate packs.

There are four packs to choose from, with each offering affiliates a larger income potential.

  • Novice – $100 (60 BV)
  • Player – $400 (240 BV)
  • High Roller – $600 (360 BV)
  • Emperor – $5000 (3000 BV)

In addition to buying their affiliate membership rank, I2G affiliates can alternatively generate Business Volume (BV) via sales of I2G Touch to qualify as follows:

  • Novice – 60 BV
  • Player – 240 BV
  • High Roller – 360 BV
  • Emperor – 3000 BV

Note that these are accumulated volume targets over the life of an affiliate’s account.

Recruitment Commissions

Infinity 2 Global affiliates earn a 10% commission whenever they recruit a new affiliate who buys an affiliate membership rank.

This equates to:

  • Novice – $10
  • Player – $40
  • High Roller – $60
  • Emperor – $500

Residual Binary Commissions

Residual commissions in I2G are paid out using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of the structure, with two positions directly under them.


These two positions branch off into another two positions, which branch off each into another two positions and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Positions in the binary are filled via sales of the I2G Touch app and/or affiliate recruitment.

Volume in an affiliate’s binary team is tracked by squaring off the volume generated by both sides (as defined by the first two positions in the binary on level 1) against eachother.

When each side of an affiliate’s binary has generated 300 BV in I2G Touch subscription sales, a “cycle” results and an affiliate earns a commission.

How much of a commission each binary cycle pays out depends on an affiliate’s membership rank:

  • Novice – $30
  • Player – $40
  • High Roller – $50
  • Emperor – $60

Note that an affiliate must be at the Novice level or higher to qualify for binary commissions, and that binary commissions are capped at $5000 a day for all affiliates.

Matching Bonus

I2G offer a Matching Bonus on the binary commissions of all personally recruited affiliates and up to five levels of recruitment.

Matching Bonus commissions in I2G are tracked using a unilevel compensation structure. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1).


If any of these level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. If any level 2 affiliates recruit affiliates they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down five levels of recruitment.

The Matching Bonus is paid out as a percentage of the binary commissions earnt by an affiliate’s downline. How much of a percentage and how many levels is paid out on is determined by an affiliate’s membership rank, how many affiliates they have personally recruited and their monthly generated binary cycles:

  • 1 Star Matching Bonus (be ranked Player or higher, 12 monthly binary cycles and recruit at least 2 affiliates (one on either side of the binary)) – earn a 20% match on level 1
  • 2 Star Matching Bonus (be ranked High Roller or higher, 25 monthly binary cycles and recruit at least 4 affiliates (two on either side of the binary)) – 20% match on level 1 and a 15% match on level 2
  • 3 Star Matching Bonus (be ranked High Roller or higher, 50 monthly binary cycles and recruit at least 6 affiliates (three on either side of the binary)) – 20% match on level 1, a 15% match on level 2 and a 10% match on level 3
  • 4 Star Matching Bonus (be ranked High Roller or higher, 75 monthly binary cycles and recruit at least 8 affiliates (four on either side of the binary)) – 20% match on level 1, a 15% match on level 2 and a 10% match on levels 3 and 4
  • 5 Star Matching Bonus (be ranked High Roller or higher, 100 monthly binary cycles and recruit at least 10 affiliates (five on either side of the binary)) – 20% match on level 1, a 15% match on level 2 and a 10% match on levels 3 to 5

Leadership Pools

25% of I2G’s monthly “profits” are placed in five separate Leadership Pools, with 5 Star Matching Bonus qualified affiliates able to qualify for a share in the pools, dependent on how many monthly binary cycles they generate:

  • Silver – 125 monthly binary cycles
  • Gold – 250 monthly binary cycles
  • Ruby – 500 monthly binary cycles
  • Emerald – 1000 monthly binary cycles
  • Diamond – 5000 monthly binary cycles

A one-time cash bonus is also earnt when an affiliate qualifies for a Leadership Pool for the first time:

  • Silver – $10,000
  • Gold – $25,000
  • Ruby – $50,000
  • Emerald – $100,000
  • Diamond – $500,000


Infinity 2 Global affiliates who buy in at the Emperor rank qualify for I2G’s “Revenue Share Program”.

Members who enroll with the Emperor Package share in 50% of specified Profits immediately, without sponsoring any new members.

What exactly “specified profits” refers to is not clarified.

Joining Infinity 2 Global

Affiliate membership to Infinity 2 Global appears to be free however in order to self-qualify for increased commissions, affiliates are able to buy an affiliate membership rank:

  • Novice – $100
  • Player – $400
  • High Roller – $600
  • Emperor – $5000


Focusing for now on the US market, I have to say that at $19.95 a month the figures in the Infinity 2 Global compensation plan are going to be largely unobtainable for your average affiliate.

Commission qualification wise (assuming I2G Touch BV is less than 19.95 per subscription), the plan only makes sense if you ignore the BV affiliate rank qualification and assume affiliates will only buy into the affiliate rank they want.

This on its own is a clear case of pay to play, with how much an affiliate pumps into the company in determining how much they earn in commissions via certain parts of the compensation plan.

Meanwhile on the retail side of things I’m struggling to see the value in a social network data aggregator for $19.95 a month. I’m by no means an app expert but surely there are already alternatives (free or otherwise) offering this type of service?

Nevermind the fact that, other than increasing commissions earnt I don’t see any differentiation between the company’s four affiliate membership ranks.

Trying to make some sense of the apparent disconnect between Infinity 2 Global’s compensation plan and a $19.95 communication app, it was then that I stumbled across the following line on their website:

We also are offering a luxury experience through our gaming platform for our overseas markets ONLY and an amazing benefits package for our US markets.

A luxury gaming experience? With absolutely no information on this service provided to the public on Infinity 2 Global’s website (even when I switched from their US website to Hong Kong), I had to research offsite to uncover Infinity 2 Global’s shady underbelly offering.


Imagine getting paid everytime someone places a bet or gambles around the world!

Now imagine getting paid everytime someone loses money at the casino!

Named “Infinity 2 Global Casino” and based out of Hong Kong, despite the claim that the experience is for non-US users, US affiliates of Infinity 2 Global are out in force marketing I2G’s casino all over the internet.


All countries including the U.S. can earn revenue/profit share from our International online gaming/gambling casino.

Turns out that whilst I2G affiliates themselves can’t (legally) participate in the company’s casino, that doesn’t mean they can’t profit from it.

All of a sudden the $19.95 I2G Touch app starts to make sense. It’s nothing more than a front for the masked core of the business, that is to attract big gambling dollars out of Asia.

On their own the combination of Infinity 2 Global’s recruitment commissions and revenue-sharing opens up the strong probability that new affiliates money will just be recycled amongst existing I2G affiliates.

Throw in the addition of global gambling revenue and a US presence?

Yeah, this probably isn’t going to end well…