If you need a prime example of the incestual slime that oils the MLM underbelly, look no further than iMarketsLive’s recently filed lawsuit against Copy Profit Success Global.

iMarketsLive operated illegally for many years by way of offering unregistered securities to US residents.

Late last year the company is believed to have finally cleaned up its act, shortly after we published an updated iMarkets Live review in September, 2017.

Copy Profit Success Global launched earlier this year. The company’s MLM offering combined pyramid recruitment with an “auto trader” unregistered securities offering.

The similarities between Copy Profit Success Global and iMarketsLive’s original illegal offering didn’t go unnoticed by Copy Profit Success Global’s affiliates, as noted in iMarketsLive’s lawsuit.

iMarketsLive filed suit against Copy Profit Success Global on June 22nd, 2018.

Named individual defendants in the lawsuit are Joel Santiago, Joe Oits, Muhammad Zidan (aka Mack Zidan, Mack Mills), Gregory Perdriel, Carlos Santiago and Robbie Issa.

Joel Santiago and Joe Otis as founders of Copy Profit Success Global, with iMarketsLive accusing promoter defendants of defamation.

CPSG is a multi-level marketing organization that is advertising on the internet that it will sell products regarding trading Foreign currencies in the future.

Employees of CPSG are posting defamatory statements on the internet about IML in an attempt to discredit and undermine IML and sell CPSG’s products.

The employees’ posts are made at the direction of CPGS.

The employees posting the defamatory statements on behalf of CPSG are Mills, Perdriel, Santiago, and Issa.

iMarketsLive cite numerous examples from Muhammad Zidan’s, Greg Perdriel’s, Carlos Santiago’s and Robby Issa’s respective Facebook accounts.

Mack Mills: How’s IML different from CPS? Ones illegal and one isn’t but allow me to elaborate on your stupid questions LIVE and then visit (removed). (May 21st, 2018)


Gregory Perdriel: When the other MLM CEO sets up an emergency “state of the…” company wide call, things are gettin sticky. (May 18th, 2018)


Carlos Santiago: Damn ‼️ as if things weren’t already bad enough IML has another force that’s about to take their downline.

A $20 decision is gonna cripple them hotel meeting boys. (June 7th, 2018)


Robby Issa: FUCK IML SCAM – I’m right here Chris come and get me, cross recruit is bitch. (May 19th, 2018)

iMarketsLive suggest the named Copy Profit Success Global affiliates may have colluded, as they often commented on each others’ efforts.

iMarketsLive claim the comments made against them are false and “were intentionally published” with the aim of harming iMarketsLive’s reputation.

The statements, as cited in the general allegations constitute the imputation that Plaintiffs have committed a crime; and/or Plaintiffs lack of fitness for trade, business, or profession.

As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ defamatory acts, Plaintiffs has been harmed in amount in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00).

Across five claims of relief, iMarketsLive is demanding over $1 million in damages and an injunction to prevent further alleged defamatory conduct.

As at the time of publication, none of the defendants have filed an answer to the lawsuit.

On August 20th, iMarketsLive moved for an entry of default against all of the named defendants.

On August 21st, the court clerk recorded an entry of default against Muhammad Zidan (served 9th July) and Gregory Perdriel (served 12th July).

24 hours later iMarketsLive filed a notice of voluntary dismissal. The notice stated iMarketsLive had “reached an agreement” with Muhammad Zidan.

iMarketsLive’s lawsuit against the remaining Copy Profit Success Global defendants continues, so what changed with Zidan?

Well, about an hour ago Zidan took to Facebook to announce he was “working together” with iMarketLive’s Terry Smith.

Bearing in mind iMarketsLive sued Zidan for a million for defamation and Zidan was publicly claiming iMarketsLive was an “illegal” business over the past few months, here’s what the couple now say of each other.

Mack Mills: Chris Terry (of) IML, he’s doing that big thing right now in that forex market with the multi-level marketing thing.

I am single-handedly for creating, not by myself but with my influence, along with the power and the knowledge of lead generation and my big ass list, along with some of the biggest names in marketing to generate over 61,000 pre-enrollees in another forex MLM you might have seen my a part of not too long ago – which I’m no longer with.

I’m here with Chris, letting everybody know I’m moving forward.

You probably should get involved with IML because my and my partner Chris Campbell are creating a funnel for IML.

This is what I do, this is what I’m hired for.


Chris Terry (speaking to Zidan): You and I know have known each other for several years and I have a lot of respect and uh, I’m excited that we’re working together.

We’re finally going to do some great things.

I have a lot of respect for you, we’re looking to build a legacy for a lot of people.

Unfortunately where you were wasn’t working out but … welcome to the family.

I’m just excited you’re bringing a lot of people to the industry that don’t know much about forex.

The “script” Zidan is going with is that he, as Master Distributor of Copy Profit Success Global, was only paid $1.26.

It is implied that this is why Zidan left the company.

Neither Zidan or Terry mention iMarketsLive’s lawsuit, the entry of default against Zidan or the confidential settlement reached.

Ironically, one of Zidan’s talking points against Copy Profit Success Global is a lack of “transparency and honesty”.

Reading between the lines?

An entry of default allows iMarketsLive and Chris Terry to file for a motion for default judgment. Zidan can’t contest this, as he’s already failed to respond to the initial lawsuit.

Rather than defend his actions, Zidan has agreed to promote a business he himself declared “illegal” a few months ago.

And to be clear, this isn’t all on Zidan.

iMarketsLive and Terry have signed on Zidan, knowing full well he’s been publicly slamming their company for months on social media.

All for exposure to Zidan’s email list and a marketing funnel.

As far as I know the remaining defendants are still with Copy Profit Success Global.

Pending any more ethically bankrupt backroom deals, we’ll be tracking the case going forward. Stay tuned…


Update 25th October 2019 – Following inaction on iMarketsLive’s behalf, their lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice on October 22nd, 2019.