iMarketsLive filed a defamation suit against Copy Profit Success Global mid last year.

Due to inaction on iMarketsLive’s part, the lawsuit has now been dismissed.

In addition to CPSG, individual defendants named in iMarketsLive’s suit were Joel Santiago, Joe Oits, Muhammad Zidan (aka Mack Zidan, Mack Mills), Gregory Perdriel, Carlos Santiago and Robbie Issa.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Zidan caved and began promoting iMarketsLive.

The only defendant the lawsuit iMarketsLive’s lawsuit progressed against was Gregory Perdriel (right).

After failing to defend the lawsuit, an Entry of Default was entered against Perdriel on August 21st, 2018.

iMarketsLive did nothing after that though, prompting the court to order the company to file a Status Report, motion for default judgement or voluntary dismissal against Perdriel by October 15th.

iMarketsLive ignored the order, resulting in the court dismissing the entire case on October 22nd.

The court dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning iMarketsLive cannot refile the same lawsuit.

Despite being hyped up by the defendants, Copy Profit Success Global collapsed shortly after launch.