In what appears to be an effort to keep its HyperFund Ponzi afloat, HyperTech is now soliciting investment into mining contracts.

HyperMining was revealed last month by HyperFund CEO Jayden Wei.

Wei (right) is one of HyperTech owner Ryan Xu’s blockchain bros.

Wei is purportedly based out of Australia but also travels to Dubai, the MLM scam capital of the world.

Since the Xu’s HyperFund Ponzi scheme took off, Wei seems to be doing very well for himself:

Wei made the HyperMining reveal announcement last month whilst in quarantine.

[3:04] OK so HyperTech, we have seen these trends. We believe storage can be very huge in two or three years so that’s why we invested heavily in the mining stuff.

[3:25] So I’m here very pleased to announce that HyperTech Group has provide the technology to HyperMining. And HyperMining is gonna launch shortly.

HyperTech and HyperMining are of course the same company owned by Ryan Xu.

About a fortnight ago HyperTech released a HyperMining promo vid through their official Telegram channel.

HyperMining provides one-stop mining custody services.

Users are able to liquidate and withdraw at any time and anywhere.

Or you can also choose FileCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum cloud mining hash power contracts with one click at HyperMining and obtain the corresponding amount of cryptocurrency at regular intervals according to the hash rate share.

Users don’t even need to purchase a mining machine. You could easily start cloud mining with a low threshold.

Small investment and convenient operation. Mining has never been easier.

HyperFund affiliates log into HyperMining using their HyperFund affiliate credentials.

What with HyperMining just being another avenue to steal invested funds through, this isn’t surprising.

With their HyperFund Ponzi scheme likely reaching critical mass, HyperTech has deployed the BitClub Network Mining model to keep investment rolling in.

BitClub Network’s owners were arrested in December 2019. The DOJ alleges the company was a $722 million dollar Ponzi scheme.


Update 24th December 2021 – A week or so ago HyperFund deleted its HyperMining reveal video cited in this article.

As a result I’ve disabled the previously accessible link.