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HyperFund appoints Compliance Officer to bury securities fraud

A marketing video reveals the appointment of Helen Hope as HyperFund’s Compliance Officer. As opposed to registering HyperFund with the SEC and providing audited financial reports, Hope’s job is to bury evidence of securities fraud.

HyperFund Review: HyperTech now a Ponzi shitcoin factory

I became aware of HyperFund following a securities fraud warning issued by the UK’s FCA. HyperFund is the latest launch by Ryan Xu’s company HyperTech. HyperTech represents it operates from Hong Kong. Whether Xu is based in Hong Kong or elsewhere is unclear. On LinkedIn Xu represents he is in Melbourne, Australia. BehindMLM first became [Continue reading…]

HyperTech’s HyperFund cops securities fraud warning from UK

HyperFund has received a securities fraud warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. HyperFund is part of HyperTech, owned by Ryan Xu.

HyperCapital Review: HyperCash resurrection Ponzi scheme

HyperCapital’s website provides no information about who owns or runs the company. A HyperCapital marketing presentation claims the company is “founded by crypto industry giants”. Ryan Xu, founder of HyperCapital, is the only HyperCapital executive named. Although Xu is presented as a “crypto giant”… …in reality I couldn’t find anything other than a few failed [Continue reading…]