As part of ongoing criminal proceedings against Sam Lee, Brenda Chunga and Rodney Burton, the DOJ is seeking HyperFund victim impact statements.

Investors who lost money in HyperFund, Hyperverse and/or HyperNation are able to get further details from the DOJ’s website.

HyperFund victim impact statements can either be mailed in or emailed (a PDF template is provided).

The DOJ also has a Victim Assistance helpline if HyperFund investors have any questions.

HyperFund co-founder Sam Lee (aka Xue Lee, right) and promoters Brenda Chunga and Rodney Burton were indicted back in January.

Lee remains a wanted fugitive hiding in Dubai. Instead of flying to the US to clear his name, Lee maintains HyperFund victims have lied about him to US authorities.

Burton was arrested attempting to flee to Dubai.

Chunga stole $over $3.5 million through HyperFund. She has already pled guilty to conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud.

Given some of Chunga’s plea deal was filed under seal, it’s believed she cooperated with US authorities.

Chunga is scheduled to be sentenced on May 1st, 2024.