Hyperverse investors are being asked for up to $100,000 to migrate their positions over to HyperNation.

Our source material for this update is a HyperNation webinar held by Rory Conacher and Sean Maaske.

Conacher and Maaske are Hyper* promoters from South Africa.

Conacher promotes MLM crypto Ponzi schemes through “The Rocket Community”;

Founded by Rory Conacher 2013 and rebranded in 2021, The Rocket Community is home to thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

We are a community resource independently built to assist community members in finding the best service, tools and resources for the world of Blockchains, Defi, NFTs & Cryptocurrencies.

Whether Maaske is part of The Rocket Community is unclear.

Hyperverse migration to HyperNation is being pitched under the ruse of “purchasing nodes”.

There are two migration price tiers being offered to Hyperverse investors:

  • $10,000 – migrate your Hyperverse investment position but only earn on up to ten downline levels
  • $100,000 – migrate your Hyperverse investment position and earn on your entire downline

The three catches are

  1. Hyperverse funds cannot be used to pay migration fees;
  2. once paid for, investment positions will be moved “at some point in the future”; and
  3. in order for Hyperverse investors to earn on their downlines, downlines need to pay migration fees too.

And so we have a cash grab, with Ryan Xu and the rest of the Hyper* scammers looking for an easy payday. The migration functionality is already there, it’s just being kept behind a paywall.

To sweeten the otherwise ridiculous fees, HyperNation is promising a 500% ROI. This is purportedly to be paid at a rate of 0.7% a day.

Anyone enticed by this would do well to remember HyperFund collapsed in late 2021. The Hyperverse reboot collapsed almost immediately after launch.

For his part, Sean Maaske claims he’s not migrating over.

 I for one can tell your right now I won’t be moving across anywhere else. I won’t be going back to HyperNation. That’s my choice.

It’s unfair to say to people, “Forget about that and let’s go here.” It’s not right. It’s not fair.

Hyperverse and HyperNation withdrawals remain borked, with all Hyper* coins either disabled or effectively collapsed.

Hyper* owners Ryan Xu and Sam Lee remain in hiding after fleeing to Dubai in early 2021.

With most of the Hyper* leader (read: net-winners) having already abandoned ship, all that’s left in Hyper* is mostly victims.

I don’t know whether Rory Conacher is a Hyper* net-winner or not, but here’s what he’s telling his downline:

Look I am just as upset as every single one of you out there. I’m not happy with the way things have gone. We’re all unhappy.

But also wear the shoe on their foot as well. Things were abused, doesn’t matter how you wash it.

Remember they said they were gonna look at people with three hundred accounts and more to be the naughty boys. I mean three hundred accounts, goodness gracious me.

Funnily enough Conacher doesn’t bring up Hyper* corporate walking away with hundreds of millions, if not billions, in stolen investor funds.

Let’s chat about the South African regulator, FSCA and what’s going on there.

So round about October last year, I started working with the governing bodies and the regulators to make sure that we’re doing everything correctly.

And that was done to protect every single member.

So you know there’s been issues with schemes and all that. We wanted to make sure that what we were doing was within the law. And we wanted to make sure that everything was done correctly.

Now we’ve been working since October with this governing body, and we have managed to ensure that the understanding of Hyperverse or HyperFund, it’s not a Ponzi scheme in their view of things and how we presented it.

Conacher appears to be telling porky pies. None of the Hyper* schemes are registered with the FSCA. This is because they are all Ponzi schemes, which Conacher and Maske promoted and continue to promote illegally.

This is known as securities fraud. Although the FSCA is mostly hopeless in regulating it, securities fraud is just as illegal in South Africa as it is everywhere else.

Laughably, Conacher claims the FSCA is “dealing with the HyperTech Group”. HyperTech is the parent company Ryan Xu and Sam Lee ran their various Hyper* Ponzi scheme through over the years.

Conacher lying about FSCA compliance is, of course, an attempt to silence Hyper* victims.

The challenge that we’re experiencing right now is that we’ve got our community and then there are other communities … that are not part of The Rocket Community, that maybe didn’t do things the right way, or maybe they communicated things differently.

But the challenge is now people are all running to the FSCA and saying, “We can’t get our money out. We can’t get our money out.”

So what that immediately does is put everything into a red flag. So all the negotiation work that we’re doing, now stands at risk.

Because what happens is if that escalates to a certain level, then everybody loses. Everything gets shut down and then you wait many many years and everyone goes through a (?) process.

The fact of the matter is everybody in Hyper* has already lost. Withdrawals have been disabled or delayed in one form or another since HyperFund collapsed around October 2021.

Following an embarrassing launch event aimed at idiots, HyperNation appears to have found footing in Italy, the UK and Canada.

HyperNation recruitment in Colombia appears to have stalled.


Update 15th May 2023 – HyperNation collapsed in February 2023. That same month it was rebooted as Satoshi AI.