An email sent out to Qyral consultants claims founder and CEO Hanieh Sigari has been “removed” for “alleged fiduciary breaches”.

The email was sent out by Sigari’s husband, Darius Banasik.

Wrote Banasik (right) in his email;

I regret to inform you that Hanieh Sigari has been removed from her operating role at Qyral, effective immediately, and is being investigated for a variety of alleged fiduciary breaches.

Fiduciary breaches, by definition, are very serious and span a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, moving large sums of money for non-company related activities, exposing company operations to unnecessary legal and regulatory risk, accounting misrepresentations, fraud, etc.

Most importantly, any potential breaches may not only impact the company, but its employees, customers, and in our case consultants.

Qyral’s website had a page titled “Our Story”. Up until very recently, the page went into the background of Sigari.

Today the page has been deleted:

Along with Sigari Banasik has terminated Qyran employees/contractors Hanzel Corella, Elisa Kurzban, Brittany Buckley and Maureen LeBau.

Going forward on an interim basis, I will be overseeing all aspects of Qyral as we will make all of the necessary changes to the business in order to eliminate the risk it was put in, and ensure it’s [sic] healthy enough to sustain growth.

More details will follow, thank you so much for all of your support.

Sincerely, Darius Banasik

BehindMLM only just recently reviewed Qyral a few days ago. We took issue with the company’s marketing but didn’t note anything of concern with the MLM opportunity.

Pending further updates, I’m not sure what Sigari has been accused of.

I can’t imagine a husband booting his wife out of her business went down well, so presumably there’s a bit of a breakdown at home too. While tied to recently developments at Qyral, this falls beyond the scope of BehindMLM’s reporting.

After Banasik’s email went out, a Qyral executive is reported to have taken to the company’s official FaceBook page. A post was made “telling the consultants to disregard” Banasik’s email.

This prompted a follow up email from Banasik, claiming “the Qyral Consultants FaceBook group may be compromised and no longer serves as a source of accurate information you should follow”.

In the email Banasik also sought to quell concern among consultants about Sigari being the face of the company.

I also want to quell any concerns you have around the path forward.

A company is NOT a person. It’s the community, it’s all of you, your networks, and the people that buy products from us, benefit from them, and live better lives as a result.

We are all shareholders in it, and we should celebrate that.

Rather than step into Sigari’s shoes and front Qyral himself, Banasik puts forth that the company might be led by a group of consultants.

Banasik also tabled changes to Qyral product line-up, with the aim of “eliminating low PV and/or confusing products”. Product pricing will also be looked at.

As I said, at this stage I don’t have any additional information. I will say though it’s certainly a strange turn of events.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 25th March 2024 – Hanieh Sigari has responded to Darius Banasik’s emails on Qyral’s official FaceBook group:

All, I am certain most of you have received the malicious and false communications from Darius Banasik about me over the past 24 hours.

I am so sorry that my husband Darius (from whom I have been legally separated for many months) has dragged you all into our personal divorce matter.

I have tried my best to keep our marital issues private, but that obviously is no longer possible.

We will be taking legal action Monday morning against Darius for his reckless and damaging conduct and allegations.

I am the sole leader of Qyral. Always have been. Always will be. Please know that I always have and always will continue to do my utmost to make you and Qyral successful.

Its amazing what we have all created and what we can continue to create in the future. That should be our continued focus.

As always, thank you for your support during this difficult time and I will keep you advised next week of continuing developments.

If it’s a lawsuit we can track BehindMLM will have a report on further Qyral developments this coming week.


Update 26th March 2024 – Hanieh Sigari has sued Dariusz Banasik in California.