A promoter has claimed GSPartners has “abandoned any hope of operating in the US”.

The update was presented as a highlight of a GSPartners corporate call, held on Thursday April 4th.

Jorge Vassall (right), a resident of New York, runs a YouTube channel in his own name.

Vassal uses his channel to promote various fraudulent MLM crypto investment schemes. This included GSPartners, up until the company threatened Vassal with “copyright claims”.

You may notice all of my GSPartners videos basically have been taken down, because these guys were threatening to hit me with copyright claims to try to attack my YouTube channel, and have it penalized for showing GSPartners logos and things of that nature.

Speaking on GSPartners’ April 4th call, Vassal states;

On the meeting that happened Thursday … was that they confirmed the cease and desist of what was happening here in the United States.

And also said that they would no longer be operating in the US. They have no plans to do so going forward and they will not.

They have just abandoned any hope of operating in the US and are moving forward, I guess with people in other parts of the world.

And that was confirmed by Josip Heit on that meeting on Thursday.

Vassal goes on to claim investors were also told they can access their investment balances on the associated website GSBDSwiss. Refunds could be requested via email.

BehindMLM is not aware of any US or Canadian GSPartners investors receiving refunds. Vassal also states he’s not aware of any refunds.

Vassal claims there is another GSPartners corporate call scheduled for May 2nd, “to explain more of the same”.

So again if you’re in the United States, they’re done. We’re kaput. There is no GSPartners in the United States. It’s not coming back to the United Status.

The cease and desists worked. It’s over. They’re not coming back to the United States.

GSPartners, GSBDSwiss and related companies are run through parent German company GSB Gold Standard Corporation. All the GSB entities are owned by Josip Heit.

Claiming to have spoken to Heit the day before the April 4th call, top net-winner Andrew Eaton (right) claimed on April 3rd that GSPartners was settling with US regulators.

Once everything is settled everything goes back to normal.

In the settlement, what we have is a situation where eleven of the twelve states are happy to.

This is in stark contrast to what Vassal reported Heit stated on the April 4th call.

While all of this could be cleared up with footage of the call itself, unfortunately we haven’t seen a recording.

Since US regulators cracked down on GSPartners last year, Heit (right) has become increasingly paranoid about corporate communications being made public.

Vassal confirms as much in his highlight video;

GSPartners instructed all of their leadership to basically close down all the groups and stop sharing information publicly. And just to kind of talk to your individual team members on a one on one basis to share information.

And it’s been that way since then. And it’s a little ridiculous because it’s hard to disseminate information in that manner.

What I will say is my upline … did a great job of trying to keep us informed as long as there was information flowing. But the information really didn’t come very frequently, or on time.

The majority of GSPartners investors are believed to be US residents. Pending charges filed as part of ongoing US federal investigations into Heit, GSPartners and GSB Gold Standard Corporation, total losses remain unknown.

According to Andrew Eaton, the Billionico spinoff is scheduled to launch on April 19th.