global1entertainment-logoNews today from Chuck King, who has been going after Rick Maike and Global1Entertainment for some time now.

As of yesterday morning (Wednesday) at 1:15, sometime in the AM, the FBI contacted Rick Maike and (his) G1E company.

Oh my…

chuck-king-fbi-investigation-global1entertainment-videoAs a result of the FBI making contact, King (right) claims that Global1Entertainment ‘are on notice now that the FBI is investigating them‘.

[1:29] I can reassure you this was months in the making. And our videos and everything we have done are so precise and so accurate that it helped with everything I’m sure.

Okay and I can’t really go to much into that (the investigation), other than that is what is happening.

When they (the FBI) do go after people, it is not pleasant. They must have all the documentation, information – and they will not even make a move if they don’t think something is happening.

So be that said, that (the FBI getting in contact with Maike) happened yesterday morning, on January 15th 2015 (at) 1:15am.

Unfortunately how King is aware of the FBI making contact is not disclosed. He appears to read his announcement from cliffnotes on a notepad, with 1:15am being an oddly specific time to reference.

An FBI investigation isn’t exactly something you’d just make up, so I’m not exactly sure what to make of this for now.

On one hand US regulators have a policy of not confirming investigations unless legal action is filed and/or the company being investigated discloses it first.

Neither would appear to be the case here, with King not revealing specifically why the FBI contacted Maike (other than to state it is in connection with an investigation).

King has been waging his own personal war against G1E for some time now.

For those unfamiliar with the company, it started off as infinity2Global (I2G) and lured investors in on the promise of sharing casino profits.

That never eventuated and the opportunity collapsed, leaving investors who pumped up to $5000 into the scheme out of pocket.

Maike later rebooted i2G as Global1Entertainment. Same revenue-sharing concept (shuffling newly invested funds around to pay off existing investors), with casino games switched out for “online entertainment”.

In his video, King claims to have ‘helped tons of people get their money back‘ from I2G/G1E.

King’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by the company, with Maike and G1E recently filing a $10 million lawsuit against King in Kentucky. On the 14th of January the company was also granted a temporary restraining order.

King ignored the order, and claims that ‘after the FBI moved in‘, G1E filed a stipulated order of voluntary dismissal. The company reserved the right to re-file their lawsuit, but for now was dropping it.

[6:55] Let me tell you why. Because if I would have went to court, and I was going to – we were just getting ready to answer this but we did not beat them, this $5000 would have been mine because everything they said was bogus in their report.

Everything was lies (and) manipulative garbage.

King maintains that as a result of Maike and G1E’s conduct, that ‘someone will go to jail‘.

Stay tuned…


Update 29th September 2016 – A DOJ forfeiture complaint has confirmed that the FBI was indeed investigating Rich Maike and Global1Entertainment in early 2015.