Argentinian authorities have made another Generation Zoe Ponzi arrest.

Rodrigo Hernán García (aka Roko and Rokomanía), was arrested earlier this week by Argentina’s Anti-mafia division.

He has been charged with illicit association and fraud.

Garcia was a founding promoter of the Generation Zoe and pitched himself as an “expert in trading”.

Turns out Garcia’s only association with trading was via the IM Mastery Academy pyramid scheme.

Garcia was arrested in Buenos Aires. Authorities have since transferred him to Cordoba, where he’ll join other arrested Generation Zoe suspects.

Generation Zoe was a smart-contract Ponzi cycler launched in 2021. The scam was run by Argentine national Leonardo Cositorto (right).

By early 2022 the Ponzi scheme had collapsed, prompting Argentinian authorities to launch an investigation.

Said investigation eventually led to Cositorto’s arrest in April 2022.