Leonardo Cositorto, founder of the collapsed Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme, is currently being held in an Argentinian prison on fraud charges.

Doubling down on fraud, Cositorto has now launched All Us Education.

All Us Education bills itself as an “academy”.

Become a Super Coach

Learn how to create proper contexts for a coaching or possibility conversation by being the change you want to see in the world.

Learn about finance, trading, future design, organizational leadership, and much more.

Not surprisingly, All Us Education is made up of former Generation Zoe investors.

The business model is simple. Sign up, pay $6, recruit five people… profit.

In other words, All Us Education is a pyramid scheme.

In a recent interview given from prison, Cositorto (right) maintains that neither Generation Zoe or All Us Education were/are pyramid schemes.

A pyramid is when, one: there is no product; two: you earn money whenever you invite other people to participate.

Third: the invitee can never earn more than the one who invited. But mainly there is no product.

And Zoe did have a product, which was an educational product.

Putting aside Generation Zoe was first and foremost a Ponzi scheme (all MLM Ponzi schemes have a pyramid component), adding a product to a Ponzi and/or pyramid scheme doesn’t legitimize fraud.

A business model defines fraud, irrespective of whether products are attached. The “but we have a product!” ruse hasn’t been a thing for over two decades.

All Us Education has no retail customers. You sign up as an affiliate, recruit new affiliates and get paid to do so. Again, regardless of what that’s attached to (some baloney education platform in this case), All Us Education is using a pyramid scheme business model.

Oh and they’re probably selling your personal data too;

What personal data do we collect?

Our academy collects and stores your personal and identification data (such as name, surname, apartment address, email address, courses of interest, citizenship, gender, place and date of birth, telephone number) through our channels.

As of early October, $6500 had been lost through All Us Education. Beyond double scamming Generation Zoe victims, it doesn’t look likely to take off.

Another money spinner for Costitorto is selling the narrative rights to Generation Zoe, which brings with it its own set of problems (accuracy being the primary concern).

Behind the work there are two international production companies. One of them, Vice TV, is based in London.

The other, they say from their surroundings, is an American company. PROFILE CÓRDOBA confirmed, through the provincial authorities, that Cositorto was contacted by Vice TV.

As he was able to reconstruct this medium, it was in April of this year. From there, the negotiation progressed. In the middle of the year the contract was signed and, later, it was filmed.

There are scenes in the Bouwer prison, where the interviews with Cositorto took place.

The agreement is part of a confidentiality agreement, they pointed out from the environment of the leader of Generation Zoe.

Production is in the final stage.

As at October 30th, there are purportedly two interested parties covering the Generation Zoe Ponzi saga.

Cositorto, who had been held in custody since his extradition to Argentina back in April, was denied bail for a third time back in July.

The criminal case against Cositorto continues but there haven’t been any significant updates since the July bail denial.


Update 12th November 2022 – All Us Education has increased membership from $6 to $10.