Despite being wanted by US authorities, Lado Okhotnikov continues to run his MetaForce Ponzi scheme from Georgia.

The original MetaForce was a clone of Okhotnikov’s Forsage Ponzi schemes. MetaForce V1 lasted a few months before collapsing.

MetaForce’s reboot (technically the 7th Forsage launch), includes a new token and metaverse and NFT grifts.

After flogging MetaForce NFTs to what’s left of his Forsage following, on May 22nd Okhotnikov announced he was dropping them for a new version.

And in the process, blocking a substantial number of investors from transferring their NFTs over.

Okhotnikov’s latest ruse to limit withdrawals sees him asserting MetaForce investors “cheated” the Ponzi scheme.

This was purportedly done by MetaForce investors buying “artificially cheated” NFTs with “twisted” SFC tokens.

We wrote a program and identified obvious cases of cheating. All of them are blacklisted, their NFTs cannot be transfered [sic] for the new version.

When trying to migrate, this users will see a pop-up window with the message that “transferring the NFT is not possible.”

The glaring issue here is this is early on. The only party selling NFTs was MetaForce itself.

Okhotnikov claims that by blocking MetaForce investors from cashing out their NFTs, “fairness has been restore(d)”.

A week later on May 29th, Okhotnikov announced “new drastic measures” to further limit withdrawals.

Friends, we urgently need to take drastic measures to protect the Royalty NFT program.

The threat was created by scammers who artificialy [sic] cheated a huge number of SFCs and NFTs.

We have been solving this problem for a long time by writing scripts and calculating cheated accounts and NFTs, as well as dubious ones (performing suspicious actions).

But when we began to check the final results, the main problem was that in most cases NFTs were very mixed up.

Because the participants bought the NFTs that were cheated, merged with their own, and so on. And most of them were mixed.

Okhotnikov’s solution was to implement “NFT reputation” – which is fancy term for charging MetaForce affiliates additional fees.

Each NFT will be assigned an additional type of Energy – Reputation.

If you have a flawless NFT, then Reputation = 100%, and you do not need to do anything with it.

If your reputation is below 100, then you are given a choice of one of two solutions:

1) to upgrade Reputation to 100%;

2) to make an exchange for a relevant NFT, in accordance with real chargings plus purchase costs.

You’ve probably already worked out the ruse: Give everybody’s NFT a bad reputation and collect fees.

As MetaForce investors able to cash out headed for the exit over the next few days, Okhotnikov provided another update on May 31st.

At Opensea, a huge amount of cheated NFTs were put up for sale, which led to extreme price dumping and mixed with legal NFTs.

Real Royalty NFTs can’t be that cheap. We will make a segregation, leaving each participant as much as should be in fairness.

Okhotnikov’s “segregation” will see MetaForce launch a third reboot of its Royalty NFTs. Of course once again, MetaForce investors will be charged a “reputation fee” to migrate over.

And if all this was already too confusing and silly (obvious collapsing Ponzi is obvious), Okhotnikov reassured MetaForce investors that

In the future, both obtaining and charging/upgrading Royalty NFT will become more complicated … it will be more difficult to obtain them over time than it is now.

Not that it’ll have any impact on MetaForce collapsing or its worthless NFT Ponzi positions, in a new update published earlier today, Okhotnikov claimed;

Payments for status NFTs will be huge and their market value will be very high. Royalty NFT will be a long-term driving force for our active programs.

Very soon we will launch our products, and then we will connect them to the Loyalty program with Cashback tokens that will be associated with Tactile.

Therefore, develop your business in Tactile now, because in this case, at the start of the Loyalty program, you will have a huge advantage.

The doors of our Metaverse, unique and revolutionary, will be opened soon, first in the beta version, then its level will constantly increase, and tiers in the Uniteverse will be access levels to the Metaverse.

This coincides with a new shitcoin launch, ForceCoin.

Okhotnikov is a Russian national living openly in Georgia (the country).

Okhotnikov was indicted for wire fraud back in February. He has also been sued by the SEC for securities fraud.

Pending Georgian authorities doing anything about Okhotnikov’s $340 million plus Ponzi scheme, he remains at large.