Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov has secured representation against the SEC.

As a result, the previously entered Entry of Default has been “exited”.

As per a Joint Status Report filed on October 21st;

Notwithstanding the default, as the SEC apprised the Court during the telephonic hearing on the motion on October 6, 2022, counsel for
Okhotnikov previously had contacted the SEC about a potential representation of him.

That engagement has now been finalized.

As a result, the SEC has stipulated with counsel to permit Okhotnikov to exit default and to extend the time for him to answer or otherwise respond to the Complaint until November 17, 2022.

An October 26th Minute Entry directs the parties to file another Joint Status Report by November 22nd.

With respect to the other two foreign Forsage defendants, Lola Ferrari and Sergey Maslakov, the SEC filed for Default Judgment on October 21st.

As per the October 26th Minute Entry;

Plaintiff’s motion default judgment as to Defendants Jane Doe a/k/a Lola Ferrari and Sergey Maslakov is entered and continued.

In essence the motion has been accepted but is on hold pending a scheduled November 29th hearing.

Despite facing a $300 million securities fraud lawsuit, Okhotnikov (right) continues to string investors along on YouTube.

BehindMLM reported MetaForce withdrawal problems back in September.

MetaForce is the sixth reboot of Okhotnikov’s Forsage Ponzi schemes. This is the latest as of October 17th;

One of these days, information about the amount of erroneously frozen funds will appear in the personal accounts of some participants.

This information only applies to those who joined during the very early days of launch, when some bugs arose and were later fixed.

The smart contract working flawlessly for a long time. But the return of erroneously frozen funds turned out to be an extremely difficult project, because in order to correctly calculate all the amounts, one needs to process a million transactions and connect all the chains, catching a variety of cases.

Therefore, we have completed it only now, and it remains only to upload the data to the back offices and carry out the last security procedures.

Judging from many comments and discussions, there are a large number of participants who mistakenly believe that they also have frozen funds.

It turned out that many do not know Meta Force marketing, and expect passive income just for buying slot levels.

MetaForce still appears to still be stalled pending recruitment of new victims.

Whether Okhotnikov’s US based attorneys are aware he’s still defrauding consumers with MetaForce is unclear.


Update 23rd November 2022 – A Joint Stipulation to vacate the Entry of Default against Okhotnikov was filed on November 15th.

The court granted the stipulation on November 17th, giving Okhotnikov till November 23rd to respond to the SEC’s complaint.

Okhotnikov’s US based attorney entered an appearance on November 21st. His first filing was a request for permission to file a 20-page Motion to Dismiss, which was granted on November 22nd.

The previously scheduled November 29th hearing, which will also address some other matters, has been rescheduled for December 8th.