fastnfurious-matrix-logoI’m starting to think somebody just finished a MLM course instructing people to get on the internet, download some cheap MLM backend scripts and start their very own ad-based matrix MLM.

A ton of advertising credit $5 MLMs have been popping up lately and today we’re going to look at and review yet another one, the FastNFurious Matrix.

The Company

FastNFurious Matrix appears to be run by a ‘Brian Ehlert’ operating out of Los Angeles in the US.

Usually the operators of these cheap matrix MLM deals try to mask their identity (because they know they’re pulling a dodgy) so points to Ehlert for that.

Unfortunately though Ehlert doesn’t seem to have a public MLM history so we have no idea what his business history is or where he’s coming from in the MLM industry.

The FastNFurious Matrix Product

FastNFurious Matrix has no product but instead sells advertising credits to its internal advertising network.

This network only broadcasts to people who view the FastNFurious webpage and considering that traffic is either FastNFurious members or prospects, you’ll find the ads on the network geared towards other opportunities.

For any serious type of marketing such closed networks like FastNFurious’ are useless.

Access to the network is not available at a retail level and you must join FastNFurious Matrix to purchase advertising credits.

The FastNFurious Matrix Compensation Plan

Not surprisingly, the FastNFurious Matrix opportunity utilises a matrix based compensation plan. Upon joining FastNFurious members are placed in a 2×2 matrix which they need to fill in order to get paid.

A 2×2 matrix houses 6 people and looks something like this;

Upon filling the first level of your matrix (2 members), FastNFurious members are paid a $5 commission.

Upon filling the second level of the matrix (4 additional members), members are paid $15 in commissions.

For each new member you bring into the company, existing members earn an additional $2. This $2 is also paid out if an existing member you have referred purchases another position within the matrix.

Joining FastNFurious Matrix

Joining FastNFurious is a straightforward affair with members simply having to cough up $5 to enter a matrix of their own.

Multiple positions within the system can be purchased for an additional $5 per position.


There’s not really much to conclude with transparently thin opportunities like FastNFurious Matrix. There’s nothing to purchase at a retail level and membership money of new members is simply shuffled around between existing members in commissions.

No new members = no commissions and the opportunity falls apart.

Or in other words, FastNFurious Matrix is nothing more than a simple recruitment driven scam.