Villagers in Thailand were being sold “negative ion energy” cards through the Expert Pro Network MLM opportunity.

Analysis has revealed the active ingredients in the cards are “radioactive and heavy metal materials.”

The bombshell revelation follows a TV appearance by Expert Pro Network owner Thanat Surin .

On a recent episode of the Hoan Krasae show, Surin was challenged by Professor Weerachai Phutdhawong of Kasetsart University.

Having obtained one of Expert Pro Network’s cards after the show, Professor Phutdhawong cut it in half.

Weerachai said that cutting the card in half yielded a compressed white powder between the plastic sheets that contained radioactive and heavy metal materials.

He warned against putting the card into water and drinking, as some people are doing.

Additional cards have been ‘sent … to the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology for further testing.’

In response to possible criminal charges relating to Expert Pro Network, Thanat Surin (right) stated

We have been damaged by being portrayed as a scam, a pyramid scheme. It’s not true.

I have a legitimate business selling supplements that is unrelated to the Energy Cards.

[The card] worked when I used it myself.

As I understand it Thanat initially included the cards with Expert Pro Network product orders.

They’ve since been sold separately in true MLM pyramid fashion.

New Expert Pro Network affiliates sign up and purchase the cards from existing affiliates.

They then sell purchased cards to new affiliates they themselves recruit.

In contrast to Thanat’s legitimacy claims, Khaoso is reporting a criminal complaint has been filed in relation to Expert Pro Network’s supplements.

Songkhla Provincial Health Office’s head legal official, Wilaiwan Sakarintorn … said that the supplements had fake FDA serial numbers and misleading labels.

No idea on what the legal ramifications of an MLM company selling radioactive cards are, as this is the first instance I’ve ever heard of it happening.

Hopefully there’s some hefty criminal charges coming once the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology results are in.


Update June 21st 2019 – Criminal fraud charges have been filed against the “perpetrators” behind Expert Pro Network’s energy card sales.