The court-appointed EminiFX Temporary Receiver has set up a website and made contact with investors.

Dave A. Castleman was appointed EminiFX Temporary Receiver, as part of the CFTC’s fraud lawsuit against EminiFX and owner Eddy Alexandre.

Castleman works for the law firm Raines Feldman, who have set up a Receivership website to communicate with EminiFX investors.

Inquiries sent to the Temporary Receivership are being responded to by what appears to be an automated response;

We have received your email inquiry about the status of EminiFX, Inc. and your investment. EminiFX, Inc. is now in a federal equity receivership and is no longer in operation.

The Receiver has been appointed to take over the management of the company and to administer its assets and the claims of investors and creditors.

The Receiver and his team are in the process of securing the assets of EminiFX pursuant to the Court Order.

We are unable to honor any requests for withdrawal, deposit, or trading of any kind at this time. We appreciate your patience as we are working as quickly as possible to obtain the records regarding the assets and liabilities of the business so as to maximize the amount of funds that the Receiver will be able to distribute.

To assist us and to help streamline this process, the Receiver requests that you respond to this email with the following information:

The full name on your account with EminiFX

The best email address where we can reach you.

Please confirm that we may communicate with you in the future via this email address.

Your cell phone number

The amount that you invested with EminiFX (the amount of cash you paid in, but no including any promised returns)

Please note that providing this information does not initiate a refund process but provides us necessary information so that we may communicate with you about any future claims and distribution process.

This process is complex and will take some time, so we appreciate your patience as we move as expeditiously as we can.

We also ask that you check back on the Receiver’s website at regularly for updates as response time to emails may be delayed due to a large volume of emails.

The EminiFX Receiver

Submitted information will eventually be cross-referenced with EminiFX records Eddy Alexandre kept for verification.

Note that MLM Ponzi schemes historically have a track record of horrendously inadequate book-keeping.

Likely to compound verification further is EminiFX’s use of cryptocurrency, and the “hEhE i Am AnOnYmOuS!” shenanigans that brings along with it.

To EminiFX investors reaching out to the Temporary Receiver, let me reiterate that the only recovery on the table is funds you personally invested.

You will not be able to claim:

  • promised returns (calculated or otherwise);
  • anything in your EminiFX backoffice;
  • referral commissions; and
  • anything you reinvested (including all of the above).

For those new to MLM Ponzi cleanup, this isn’t unique to EminiFX. This is how every Receivership works.

Looking forward, a preliminary injunction hearing has been scheduled for May 24th.

It is expected the injunction will be granted on that date, making conditions of the current TRO in place permanent. A preliminary injunction will also see the Temporary Receivership made permanent.

I’m expecting access to Alexandre’s criminal case docket early this week. After which I’ll be able to confirm the current status of his criminal case.


Update 17th May 2022 – Alexandre’s criminal case docket is now public so I’ve published the current status of the case.