Driven Trading appeared on BehindMLM’s radar in October 2021, as the securities fraud component of Jimmy Ezzell’s Young Entrepreneur Project.

That partnership broke down in April 2022, with YEP and Driven Trading going their separate ways. YEP went on to collapse shortly after.

Owner and CEO Cory Kromray spun Driven Trading off as a non-MLM “automation license” trading app opportunity.

As of January 2023, SimilarWeb tracked negligible traffic to Driven Trading’s website.

Not surprisingly, Kromway has now flogged what’s left of Driven Trading to the IX Global Ponzi scheme.

The specific financial arrangement between Kromray and IX Global hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

On February 25th, Kromway publicly thanked and congratulated himself across Driven Trading’s social media accounts:

Yesterday, Cromway held his first IX Global webinar, to sell the investment opportunity to what’s left of Driven Trading.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in 2021 Richard Smith also funnelled what was left of R Network into IX Global.

IX Global isn’t all that different to Driven Trading. Like Driven Trading, IX Global hides securities fraud behind an education platform.

Driven Trading refers to their platform as Driven Trading Academy:

Over at IX Global it’s “community based learning”:

Behind IX Global’s community based learning is a 5% to 20% a month passive investment scheme:

On the regulatory front

  • Driven Trading and Kory Kromray are based out of Florida in the US
  • IX Global and Joe Martinez represent they are based out of Florida

As of January 2023, SimilarWeb tracked the US as the largest source of IX Global website traffic (45%). India came in second at 41%.

Despite being based out of the US and pitching an automated forex passive investment opportunity to US residents, neither Driven Trading, Kory Kromray, IX Global or Joe Martinez are registered with the SEC or CFTC.

Last October authorities in India arrested Sailesh Pandey, on suspicion of laundering around $25 million for IX Global.

The arrest prompted the Reserve Bank of India to confirm IX Global is a financial blacklist.

Pandey and his brothers laundered IX Global through a shell company named TP Global Effects.

At time of incorporation, TP Global Effects’ declared business activity was food and grain production.

Following Pandey’s arrest, IX Global appears to have just swept the matter under the rug.

BehindMLM understands Indian victims of IX Global have gone ignored (click to enlarge):

Despite Pandey’s arrest, IX Global continues to be illegally promoted across India.

One of the main ringleaders promoting IX Global is Indian national Viraj Patil.

Prior to IX Global’s 2020 launch, both Joe Martinez and Viraj Patil promoted Kuvera Global.

Kuvera Global originally went by Wealth Generators. Parent company Investview renamed Wealth Generators to Kuvera Global after the CFTC fined it $150,000 for commodities fraud.

A BusinessForHome puff-piece claims Patil’s IX Global downline was in excess of 43,000 people. That was two years ago in February 2021.

Currently BusinessForHome celebrates Patil stealing $1.2 million through IX Global each month.

Originally from Mumbai Patil now hides out in Dubai, the MLM crime capital of the world.