A third Digital Altitude defendant, Sean Brown, has reached a settlement agreement with the FTC.

In line with previously reached settlements with The Upside LLC and Morgan Johnson, Brown’s settlement has been submitted to FTC Commissioners for approval.

Approval was granted for both The Upside LLC and Morgan Johnson’s submitted settlements, with a decision on Brown’s proposed settlement expected no later than September 7th.

If approved by the FTC Commissioners, a motion requesting approval of the reached settlement will then be filed – at which point the details of the agreement are made public.

In the meantime the FTC has requested a stay on proceedings related to Sean Brown, pending settlement approval or until September 7th.

Reached settlements with Morgan Johnson and Sean Brown leave Michael Force, Mary Dee and Alan Moore as remaining defendants still fighting the case.


Update 13th September 2018 – A $10.8 million monetary judgment settlement between the FTC and Sean Brown has been granted.